Kelly Clarkson Mentors American Idols: Says Now It's Carrie Underwood's Turn

Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol, returned to the show to mentor the contestants Wednesday, and things got a little interesting.

We saw clips from her audition 13 years ago, and were reminded why we loved her from the start. She also showed she is as spunky today as she was back then. Kelly offered straight-forward advice to all the hopefuls, but she got a bit racy with a few of them.

Nick Frandiani explained during his rehearsal that he has had trouble letting go, and connecting with the audience. He's getting better, but still feels he has some work to do. Kelly encouraged him to "find that red dot on the camera and make sweet love." It seemed to help, but the judges want him to loosen up even more. Jennifer Lopez suggested he continue to work on movement to find what works for him. She joked that "someone" she used to be married to has a "thing" he does with his leg; pointing out it could be something as simple as that. Maybe their advice will give him the boost he needs to find the breakthrough the judges are begging for.

Kelly later revealed she has a thing for Quentin Alexander's eyes. During his rehearsal, she complimented him on his ability to tell a story with them. After his performance of "Dark Side," Ryan Seacrest delivered a handwritten note from Kelly and asked him to read it out loud. It said, "I want to make sweet love to those eyes." He told Us Weekly he saw her later, and she told him she hoped she didn't freak him out.

Apparently, Kelly was just getting warmed-up. Clark Beckham knocked her socks off with his soulful version of "The Trouble With Love Is." When he finished his rehearsal, she announced, "I think I'm pregnant."

The contestants welcomed Clarkson's down-to-earth words of wisdom. Joey Cook describes the Texas native's shoot-from-the-hip style.

"She has this energy to her that immediately puts you at ease. She has no filter. There's nothing there. She is just herself. She's like, 'Boom boom boom this is exactly what I'm thinking right now.' She's so funny!"
As much as the Idols and fans loved having Kelly back where it all began -- a fellow Idol icon enjoyed it, too. Carrie Underwood shared her thumbs-up on Twitter.
"Great to see Kelly Clarkson encouraging and passing on some good words of wisdom on to these American Idol contestants! Hope they listen up!"
The "Heartbeat Song" singer then took to Twitter with her vote for a future Idol mentor.
"Now there needs to be a 'Carrie Week.' Maybe show off that little cutie of yours as well!"
Many fans enthusiastically agreed. Do you think Carrie Underwood should follow in Kelly Clarkson's footsteps and return to American Idol as a mentor?

[Image by American Idol/Facebook]