Jessica Alba Blue Bikini Showcases Her Amazing Body, Credits Paleo Diet And Workouts [Video]

When Jessica Alba decides to bare her body in a teeny-tiny blue bikini, heads turn at the way that the 33-year-old actress and mom of two has sculpted her physique. On vacation with husband Cash Warren and her daughters, Alba flaunted her body on the beach, reported Us Weekly.

But Jessica works hard to maintain her sleek physique. She even made time to go to the gym on vacation, taking workout buddy and makeup artist Lauren Anderson with her.

“#werkingitout on #springbreak w @lauren_andersen,” posted Alba on Instagram.

In addition to working out, Jessica credits a Paleo diet for her success in maintaining her body, as the Inquisitr reported.

Getting guidance on both exercise and diet from her personal trainer Jennifer Johnson, Jessica emphasizes low-carb choices such as protein and veggies.

“That’s Jessica’s strong point: She’s motivated nutritionally, and she eats a balanced diet of salads and proteins,” revealed Jennifer. “If you’re eating right, that’s more than half the battle.”

In addition, Jennifer told Shape just how her client got in shape for Sin City.

Johnson, whose nickname is JJ Dancer, revealed that Alba worked out as much as five hours a day.

“She is so hands-on and that’s what is so special about her. Not only did she want to be able to freestyle more, but also she wanted to be stronger with the multiple routines she was required to do,” revealed JJ of Alba’s goals.

“Typically the sessions will run from 60 to 90 minutes. For the first half hour will be booty shaking, hip-hop dancing, leaps, and turning—pretty much sweating your butt off. After you’re sweating, we’ll go into arms using bands—one of my favorite pieces of equipment. They will wear you out in 10 minutes. Then we’ll pick up some light weights and move onto the mat for some intense leg and booty work with the barre. I either use a lot of different equipment or none at all—every workout is fresh so that you work on all the tiny muscles that create an amazing, long, lean, and beautiful dancer’s body. We’ll end the workout with abs work on the floor or ball.”

But Jessica is teaching her daughters Honor, who is 6-years-old, and Haven, who is 3-years-old, that beauty is more than appearance, according to E! News.

“Growing up, whenever I was bullied, my mom would say, ‘You’re a beautiful girl. They’re just jealous.’ It never helped. I want my girls to know that beauty is being kind…beauty is helping people…beauty is humility.”

In addition, Jessica is enthusiastic about the opportunities for her daughter that The Honest Company provides, she told Entertainment Tonight.

As its co-founder, she’s proud of what the company has achieved in showing how one person can make a difference.

“I really am building The Honest Company for them. I’m really hoping that … The Honest Company is some place that they would like to work later, when they’re older. If not, I hope they’re inspired to be entrepreneurs. And to really push the envelope on you know what they can do with their life and how they can make an impact.”

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]