Anne Coulter Calls On Christians To ‘Go Out And Fight’ For Their Religious Freedom To Deny Service To LGBT Customers

On Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on Thursday, the controversial conservative columnist Anne Coulter said that liberals were attacking Christianity in the U.S. and undermining the religious freedom of Christians to deny service to LGBT customers.

She berated Republican leaders and Christians for lacking the courage to stand up against attack from liberals and called on Christians to “go out and fight” assuring them that “the most important thing in your life and eternity is already taken care of.”

Coulter criticized Christians for their silence in the face of what she said were liberal attacks on the Christian faith in the wake of the controversy over passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all, because that is the foundation of the country and all of our freedoms come from that. They’re the ones who are trying to tear down this country by going directly at the heart of America, which is Christianity.”

“The fact that these Christians would rather get praise from The New York Times and Nicholas Kristof by changing bedpans of Ebola patients in Nigeria [?], rather than stand up to The New York Times and fight against abortion, fight against these bullies… where are the Christians? And where are the Republicans?”

Coulter also criticized the Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence, who, in the opinion of many conservatives, backed down on the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act by calling for changes in the law after attacks from critics who said the law would allow discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation.

Coulter said, “I’m glad this Mike Pence isn’t running for president. They are falling like toy soldiers.”

She called on Christians to stand up and fight for their religious freedom to deny service to gay weddings.

Despite Coulter’s comment that “Mike Pence isn’t running for president,” Pence had indicated interest to run for Republican Party presidential nomination. But pundits believe that his handling of the controversy generated by the RFRA has compromised his chances.

However, Coulter was full of praises for the owners of Memories Pizza, the O’Connor family in Walkerton, Indiana, who came under attack after declaring that their business would not serve gay weddings.

She praised the owner of the pizzeria for showing more courage than Republican and Christian leaders

“The small town owners of [a] pizzeria have more courage than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican Party. Besides eternal life with your creator, the one thing every Christian should have is courage. The most important thing in your life and eternity is already taken care of. Go out and fight.”

O’Reilly concurred with Coulter, expressing concern that “no clerics in America… put themselves out to defend the Christian faith.”

He decried the attacks by Islamic militants on Christians in the Middle East and Kenya. He also condemned attacks on Christians in the U.S., referring to the Indiana pizzeria whose owners said they were forced to close down following threats of violence because they insisted they would not serve gay weddings.

He concluded, “There isn’t an organized attempt as there is in the gay lobby, in the abortion, women’s reproductive rights lobby. You’ve got now. You’ve got all these pressure groups. You don’t have anything on the Christian side. Isn’t that strange?”

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