Big Ang: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Diagnosed With Cancerous Throat Tumor

Big Ang was reportedly diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her throat. Early this week, the Mob Wives star was hospitalized, as she was experiencing considerable pain. Her doctors later determined she has a lemon-sized tumor on her voicebox. Further tests revealed that the tumor is, in fact, malignant.

As reported by TMZ, the reality star’s doctors are currently running tests to determine whether the cancer has spread. Her sister, Janine Detore, confirmed doctors will attempt to remove Big Ang’s cancerous tumor as early as next week.

Although Ang’s family does not have a history of cancer, Detore said her sister has been a heavy smoker for many years. According to reports, Ang was ordered to “quit smoking immediately.” However, she is reluctant to comply with the doctor’s orders.

Born Angela Raiola, Big Ang is the niece of the late Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi. Although the reality star denies any serious ties to a specific crime family, she co-owns the Drunk Monkey — which is a well-established mob hangout.

Big Ang’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. As reported by VH1, the reality star admittedly receives lavish gifts from wealthy suitors. However, Ang “is not the typical woman who would depend on a man… [she] has managed to make her own way and provide her own means within this world.”

Although she is a beloved member of the Mob Wives cast, Big Ang has received stark criticism for some of her lifestyle choices.

The reality star admits that she is a “mob mull,” which is a woman who often associates with mobsters. Additionally, Big Ang admits that she enjoys being wined and dined by her wealthy suitors.

Big Ang has also received criticism for undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures. Although it is unclear how many procedures she had, her appearance has changed drastically throughout the years.

The reality star is now facing her biggest challenge yet. Although Big Ang’s cancerous tumor is scheduled to be removed next week, it is unclear whether the cancer has spread.

[Image via Rommel Demano/Getty Images]