A rocking chair Hannibal would like

When you say the word rocking chair we most likely have visions of grandparents sitting in wooden rocking chairs on the front porch. Well like everything else in our world not even rocking chairs seem to be safe from a re-boot as evidenced by the picture above. The chair is named the Ruby Rocking Chair and is designed by Pouyan Mokhtarani.

This is an anatomic rocking chair. The main idea is taken from a magnificent super human body. This chair is designed in a way that when ever an individual sits on it, he or she will experience the sense of power. This feeling is synonymous to that of a super metaphysic human who can control every surrounding matter. There are 8 liquid pillows in the back which resemble the formation of 8 abdominal muscle packs in human anatomy and two larger liquid pillows in the bottom that resemble the hunkers muscles in the human body.

Source: Street Anatomy

The more I look at this leftover from an Aliens movie set the more I think I would really like to have one.