Whitney Houston: Funeral Parlor Denies Leaking Photograph Of Whitney’s Dead Body

The owner of the Whigham Funeral Home, Carloyn Whigham, denied that her funeral parlor had anything to do with Whitney Houston’s dead body being photographed and subsequently leaked to the press when she told the Daily News:

“We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that.”

While Whigham continues to receive threats from those who blame her for the publication of the photo, Whitney’s family has informed Whigham that they do not believe that either her or her funeral home were the culprit behind the leaked photo of Whitney Houston’s dead body in the casket. They have no idea how the security of the funeral was breached.

According to TMZ, someone attempted to sell the photograph to them and they passed.

Cissy Houston was apparently very emotional about the whole ordeal, as to be expected of any mother grieving the death of her child. To get a clear understanding of the type of emotion we’re talking about, read the emotional letter Cissy Houston wrote to her daughter Whitney Houston.

Despite previous reports that Cissy Houston was intent on pursuing the culprits behind the leaked photo of Whitney Houston’s dead body, it appears as if the family no longer has any intention of investigating the matter further.

When pop singer Whitney Houston’s last photo was first published by the National Enquirer, it apparently broke her family’s heart all over again. TMZ has reported that the family is disgusted at the idea of Whitney Houston’s last photo being published.

Who do you think leaked the Whitney Houston’s casket photo?