Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Name Puppy After Sophie’s Choice

Hot celebrity couple Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are parents… to an adorable little puppy!

The pair have adopted a dog, Aniston confirmed while appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno- the Pit Boxer is a rescue pup, and the 43-year-old former Friends star and her 40-year-old boyfriend took the doggie in after Aniston’s friend who is an “extreme animal activist” rang them and reported a box of ten little puppies discarded “in a box in front of a shelter.” Awwwwww.

Aniston- who is frequently the target of celebrity family-expansion rumors- explained the puppy’s name in a way that is almost guaranteed to invoke accusations of failure to respect the seriousness of one of the more moving films of the last decade, Sophie’s Choice. (The film deals with the repercussions of a woman’s decision in Auschwitz as to which of her children would be killed and which would go on to the labor camp.) Aniston said:

“Sophie came up to us, and that was sort of a big indicator of they choose you,. We were there for three hours, and I’m telling you, I was almost walking out with three puppies. It’s so hard. That’s why we named her Sophie, because it was Sophie’s Choice. I was crying, it was so hard.”

Well, I’d imagine that is difficult, but not Holocaust difficult. Aniston also discussed how Sophie is getting along with her existing canine companion, a German Shepherd named Dolly:

“I have a white German Shepherd, Dolly, and she loves her crate. We were a little nervous about them getting along. Dolly doesn’t have a create anymore but she loved it. Somehow she walked her way into Sophie’s crate, which is tiny… It was good because Sophie was like, ‘I love going wherever you go.’ They slept there together the whole night.”

Justin Theroux has not yet commented on being a new parent to a puppy.