‘Ghost Dad’: Woman Has Late Husband Inserted Into Touching Photo

An image featuring a woman, her child, and a “ghost dad” has become an internet sensation, tugging at the hearts of people everywhere.

Here is the background on the “ghost dad” photo. Oklahoma resident Sierra Sharry lost her husband, Lane Smith, last year from injuries he sustained after a fall, according to a post on Sharry’s Facebook page. At the time, she was eight months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

“July 13th, 2014, was the absolute worst day of my life. I lost my best friend. The father of my unborn child. And since that day I have felt so empty inside. A part of me will forever be missing. I loved that man more than life itself.”

But thanks to Kayli Henley of Kayli Rene’ Photography, she now has a picture of her family. Henley was able to take an image of Lane and photoshop him into one of Sharry and the couple’s six-month-old son, Taos. The mother and her child are looking directly into the camera, while Smith appears as a “ghost dad,” looking and smiling at his wife and son.

Sharry told KOCO that she wanted to have at least one photo of her family. That’s when she contacted Henley with the idea, who then made the “ghost dad” picture, which is something she won’t forget.

“I was like, ‘I can’t believe she actually did this.’ It’s like amazing, and apparently everyone else thinks it is too.”

At the time of this post, the “ghost dad” image has more than 199,000 likes and more than 25,000 shares on Facebook. Sharry said she has her own interpretation of the picture.

“Lane’s not physically here with us of course, but that picture represents to us that he’s always watching over us and he will always be there for us, no matter what.”

Some Twitter users have also taken note of the “ghost dad” photo.

Since the “ghost dad” image went viral, Henley noted on her Facebook page that complete strangers have contacted her for information on how they can help the mother and her son financially. Those interested can make a donation to the Lane Frost Smith Tragedy Support Trust at Legacy Bank. The business’ address is PO Box B, Binger, OK 73009.

What’s your take on the “ghost dad” picture?

[Image via KOCO screencap]