Michelle Obama Dances With Jimmy Fallon Again [Video]

The fun and campy video titled “Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2 (w/Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)” is going viral on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel, having received nearly 80,000 views within hours. Published on April 2, the video shows Mrs. Obama and Fallon reprising their roles as moms, wearing their mom gear, and getting out and dancing up a storm.

It’s all an effort to bring attention to the fifth anniversary of the Let’s Move campaign, which brought the First Lady to the Ellen show — as reported by the Inquisitr — and now back to Fallon for a funny rendition of the types of moves mothers may make when trying to get their grooves on. The dance routines pulled off by Fallon and Obama include pretending to grab a plastic bag from beneath the stash of plastic bags stored under the sink and urging folks to turn up the air conditioning, since middle aged menopausal women are known as hot beings.

One funny quip in the Fallon-Obama dance routine presents the dynamic duo showing off their favorite twin-set type of outfits from Talbots, Another portion of the skit shows Jimmy mocking the way President Obama dances while Michelle shakes her head and then proceeds to perform the finger-pointing move as Fallon cuts a rug.

The evolutionary dance video is so popular that YouTube reports the two-minute, 41-second long video as their fourth most popular YouTube video on their list of recently viral videos. Indeed, viewers apparently get pleasure in seeing the FLOTUS lighten up and attract fans in the most entertaining ways possible. The YouTube video’s description sheds light on the reasons why Mrs. Obama took to the late night show once again to encourage folks to move around and burn calories in a fun way.

In honor of the 5-year anniversary of Let’s Move!, Jimmy and the First Lady perform Part 2 of “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” Find out more about Let’s Move! here: http://www.letsmove.gov/.

Additional hilarious parts of the video show Jimmy and Michelle greeting each other like old friends or acting like two moms who are one step behind in a Zumba class; a tradition that is proving to be a popular way for women in all economic brackets to stay in shape. As reported in the article titled “This Exercise Craze Is Giving Low-Income Women A Chance To Prioritize Their Health,” the Huffington Post‎ examined the popularity of the dance craze.

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel]