WWE News: Update On Vince McMahon And What He Thought Of His First WWE NXT Event Last Week

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon attended his first WWE NXT show during WrestleMania week in San Jose, California. This was considered a big deal. Since Vince never went to a show before, it was thought that the NXT stars had to put on a show not just for the crowd but for McMahon as well. They wanted to impress and according to live reports, they excelled.

Vince McMahon reportedly had such a good time that he let the show go on an hour longer than expected. This was a big deal because the extra hour meant WWE would go into another day, and Vince would have to pay union costs. Vince happily paid them. That must have meant that he was into the action NXT was bringing to the table. He might now know why fans seem to love it more.

According to The Wrestling Observer though, while Vince liked the show, he was not happy with the “better than RAW” and “better than Mania” chants the NXT crowd was shouting. Other than that, Vince got a kick out of the NXT crowd chants and found them fun and unique. We heard one of those chants on WWE RAW this past Monday as fans yelled out “Lucha, Lucha,” the chant for the Lucha Dragons. We also heard “Ole, Ole, Ole” chants, which are for Sami Zayn and several other Battle cries for popular NXT wrestlers.. Sadly, Zayn was not present.

We’ll hear more unique chants going on when Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Finn Balor hit the main roster as well.

Vince McMahon seems happy with the success of his NXT brand. With even more new stars coming to add to the quality and excitement, Triple H has made it must-see television. The NXT Specials have gotten to a point where they are as big as normal WWE PPVs are for hardcore fans of wrestling. While WWE has a lot of great talent in NXT now, Triple H is planning on adding several big names to the roster soon from the Indy scene.

People such as Adam Cole, The Briscoe Brothers, and Samoa Joe are all set to make a debut in WWE NXT before the year is up. So the NXT brand is only improving and by proxy, the WWE will improve over time as well. We saw how the RAW ratings were huge this past week just due to the fact that WWE ended WrestleMania with a big win for Seth Rollins.

Can Rollins continue to bring in ratings as champion? Can Daniel Bryan or John Cena continue to help with their respective titles? Time will tell. However, the cool part is that we see how the moves WWE made at WrestleMania paid off. If the next few weeks see an increase, or at least, a similar number, WWE will continue down the path they are on to higher ratings and increased revenues.

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