Germanwings Pilot Addresses Nervous Passengers After Flight 9525 Crash

A Germanwings flight from Berlin to Paris featured many nervous passengers, many who were more tense than normal because they were flying on an airline that just had a major crash. According to WTSP 10 News, one passenger wrote about being on board, and what the pilot did in an effort to try to set the passengers minds at ease.

The passenger points out that he wasn’t sure whether or not the pilot planned to do this or if this was something that was requested by the airline, but he said that the man’s efforts really went a long way for those who needed to travel that day.

“Our pilot came out and made almost his normal pre-flight speech, except he did standing in the front row. He spoke (at length, in 3 languages) about how it was a difficult and strange time for him and for all the cabin crew, how they still all love doing their job, and how they’re thankful that they still have passengers coming onto their planes. Mostly though, he said he just wanted to come out and stand in front of everyone, and let all the passengers on his flight have a moment of eye contact with him, and for us to meet him and for him to meet us.

“I can’t know, of course, if making that speech was a personal decision, or if it was something that was agreed on, but anyone listening could tell it was a difficult thing to do- to stand in front of 150 more-nervous-than-they-really-needed-to-be people and say ‘everything’s going to be fine, because I am going to look after it,’ and I can’t help but have enormous respect for him.”

The Germanwings pilot on that flight wasn’t the only pilot to try to make passengers feel more comfortable, either. According to Time, a pilot did something similar on a flight from Hamburg to Cologne. A female passenger named Britta Englisch boarded a flight the day after the tragic crash, but says that the pilot went the extra mile to ensure everyone that they were going to be okay.

“[The pilot said that] he and the crew are there voluntarily, that the company didn’t force anyone to be on duty that day, that he double-checked the plane this morning. [He said that] he has family, kids and a wife who he loves, that the crew has loved ones and [that] he’ll do everything to return safely to them every evening.”

At the end of his talk, everyone on the plane applauded.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, authorities now believe that Germanwings flight 9525 was deliberately crashed by the plane’s co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. Sources confirm that he struggled with depression and had previous suicidal thoughts.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]