Lana Del Rey Rejected Special ‘Lament’ Song By Brian Wilson

Lana Del Rey is at the center of news surrounding the upcoming album by former Beach Boys band member, Brian Wilson. Lana Del Rey was intended to be a part of the album that will be released on April 7 by Capitol Records — and it turns out the song she rejected was especially sentimental to Brian Wilson.

When the album was first announced in June 2014, Billboard Magazine stated that Brian Wilson had a special place on the album for Lana Del Rey. They said, “Trying to hark back to his work with wife Marilyn Rovell in The Honeys, Wilson summoned three of his favorite young female vocalists to Hollywood’s Ocean Way Studios: Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves and Zooey Deschanel.”

In particular, Lana Del Rey was to sing a version of the album’s centerpiece called “The Last Song.” The song Lana Del Rey was slated for was intended by Brian Wilson to be a heartfelt “lament for the Beach Boys’ break up. [sic]”

Immediately following the June 2014 announcement that Lana Del Rey would be on Brian Wilson’s next album, fans protested. The Guardian U.K. stated, “Brian Wilson is fending off his fans’ bad vibrations after revealing his new album may include duets with Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean and Zooey Deschanel…. Wilson’s audience has clearly surprised him.”

The Guardian U.K. goes on to say that fans hated the idea of Lana Del Rey joining up with Brian Wilson and, “Instead of applauding the contemporary guests, though, many of Wilson’s fans seemed to doubt his sanity. ‘To me these collaborators represent exactly the type of pop fodder that is the very antithesis to what I associate with a genius like [Brian],’ one listener wrote on Wilson’s Facebook wall.”

As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey dropped out of the Brian Wilson music project in 2015 with no official explanation. Vulture Magazine interviewed Brian Wilson in March 2015 and he said about Lana Del Rey, “… uh, she just canceled out on us. [sic]”

This contradicts what Brian Wilson said about Lana Del Rey quitting in January 2015 when interviewed by Pitchfork Magazine. In that article, they state, “Now, a rep for Wilson tells Pitchfork that Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey didn’t make the cut because their schedules didn’t allow them time to finish their songs…. As for Lana Del Rey, ‘It was a timing thing as well, he wanted her to come back in to do more work but scheduling didn’t allow.’ [sic]”

This will be Brian Wilson’s eleventh studio album, and No Pier Pressure was recently reviewed by the Guardian U.K. In the review, they highlight the song Lana Del Rey missed out on and state the following.

“… But the best song closes the record. The Last Song, originally earmarked for Lana Del Rey, sounds like Wilson is reflecting on his former group, and acknowledging that his career is at an end – ‘Don’t be sad / There was a time and place for what we had’ – over a wonderful arrangement and a desperately sad melody. There are worse places to end a recording career, if that’s what The Last Song is trying to tell us. [sic]”

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