Lil Wayne Selling Drama Magnet: Rooftop Skatepark Miami Mansion

Lil Wayne has been a victim of repeated bad luck surrounding his home in Miami — and he has decided its time to move on. This comes as a shock considering that Lil Wayne loves skateboarding and he had a private skatepark built on top of his mansion.

TMZ reports that 32-year-old Lil Wayne is continuing to skateboard despite having injuries that include broken bones. In fact, Lil Wayne has a private skatepark in Miami that he built directly on top of his home. Around the last weekend of March, Lil Wayne invited over Torey Pudwill to skate at his mansion for a session that was recorded for Red Bull.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne has only been skateboarding for a few years — but is already impressive. However, was Lil Wayne was trying to sell Torey Pudwill his Miami mansion complete with his own rooftop skatepark? The video that Lil Wayne did with Torey Pudwill that was published by Red Bull U.K. on March 31 almost seems like a farewell video as Lil Wayne spends his very last days at his beloved personal skatepark.

Leading up to Torey Pudwill’s arrival at his private skatepark, Lil Wayne says, “I’ve had a lot of skaters come through here,… and they do their thing, but I know Torey is going to kill it.”

Lil Wayne has had a lot of good times at his private skatepark, but found it necessary to sell it anyway. Forbes Magazine reported on April 2 that Lil Wayne had put up his Miami home on the real estate market for $18 million dollars and that Lil Wayne bought it in 2006 for $11.6 million. Lil Wayne’s home is located in a luxury neighborhood in Biscayne Bay on La Gorce Island and the mansion is estimated to have 15,000-square-feet of space.

The decision Lil Wayne is making to sell the Miami mansion may be related to a string of negative energy events the house has had over the past months. For instance, as previously reported by Inquisitr, Lil Wayne’s staff had to call the police several times due to drama related to unknown individuals.

In other words, in order to maintain his sanity, Lil Wayne may be selling his Miami home to clear up some of the negative energy in his life. The Miami New Times supports this theory stating, “Lil Wayne has put his Miami Beach mansion on the market. The move comes just weeks after the home was the center of a media frenzy spurred by what turned out to be a fake 911 call claiming people had been shot in the home. Turns out it was a case of “swatting,” but Weezy has apparently decided to part with the home altogether.

Photos of Lil Wayne’s Miami home are located on Trulia.

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