April 3, 2015
Kellie Pickler Stars In New Reality Show With Hubby, Ryan Seacrest Produces

American Idol Kellie Pickler caught the attention of many with her quirky Southern belle personality. Apparently, CMT was also smitten by her Southern charm that they signed her up for her own reality show.

CMT President Brian Philips revealed that they have had their eye on the country singer."Pickler has always been the object of our desire for a show," he said.

In a media presentation at The Times Center in New York last Thursday, the network announced the September premier of Pickler's reality show. The program, entitled I Love Kellie Pickler, is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, which is famous for producing hit reality TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

According to the artist, she had been getting reality show offers since joining American Idol but there's something about Ryan Seacrest that made her accept the deal.

"With Ryan it just felt right. We've been talking about it for years, and just have never made it a priority," Pickler said,

The 30-minute show, as the title suggests, will be about the country singer. Undoubtedly, her music career will comprise a big part of the story line but the main focus is on her personal life. It will follow Pickler from the recording studio back to her home, which she shares with husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs.

"People have seen that done a million times," she said with reference to other reality shows that focused on the musical career of various artists. Instead, she wanted to create a program that is as cheery as she is. Pickler explained in more detail.

"We laugh so much. We have Redneck Supper Club dinner parties at our house and grill out. I was a huge fan of Lucille Ball, and her funny shenanigans with Ethel that poor Ricky would have to get her out of. We want to play off that type of comedy – lighthearted but natural situations that I get into – and marry that with a Friends-type feel."
The series starts shooting this summer so Pickler had to make compromises with her concert schedule. However, the singer seems to be ecstatic about her upcoming reality show. She shared, "I'm sure I'll say things I'll regret, but that's part of life. That's part of growin' up."

Pickler and Jacob will also co-produce the show together with Seacrest. They will be joined by executive producers Eugene Young and Rabih Gholam.

[Image via Getty Images]