Zayn Malik Put On Trial In Several Ways For April Fools’ Day

It seems lately that Zayn Malik has been the victim of some sick April Fools’ Day jokes. After all, within 48 hours of April Fools’ Day, his solo demo song turned out to be a way to anger One Direction fans — on top of losing over 50K fans because of a fight between Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik’s new producer, Naughty Boy.

Zayn Malik fans have been deeply concerned about his recent blowout with other One Direction fans in addition to Zayn Malik rumors that have been swirling that he and Perrie Edwards are due to be wed any day now.

While it seems like the spotlight has been rather negative toward Zayn Malik lately, there was one trial that he was put on for April Fools’ Day that was obviously a light-hearted joke. The Goal Magazine published an article on April 1 stating that the soccer team in England, Arsenal, was going to take on Zayn Malik.

The Goal states, “Arsenal executives are already in talks with League One side Doncaster Rovers over the arrangement of a summer friendly, to be branded the ‘Best Match Ever’, in which Malik faces off against his former band-mate, Louis Tomlinson, who maintains a close relationship with his beloved hometown club.”

Adding to their satire about Zayn Malik for their April Fools’ Day joke, the Goal goes on to insinuate that Arsenal’s Director of Alternative Strategy, Alf Lopior, stated, “What Zayn brings to the table, even more than his boyish good looks and upbeat modern pop sound, is a frankly overwhelming number of diehard supporters who might not normally intersect with our traditional fan base.”

Interestingly, these are not the only April Fools’ Day jokes that Zayn Malik was a part of in 2015. PopCrush says the following about a radio station in Phoenix.

“In a sad attempt to capitalize on a buzzworthy story and its coincidental timing with April Fools’ Day, syndicated morning radio personalities Johnjay and Rich attempted to grab audience and headlines with an ‘exclusive interview’ with One Direction defector Zayn Malik on Wednesday (April 1).”

People Magazine says that Teach For America decided to make Zayn Malik the butt of their April Fools’ Day joke on Facebook. They state, “We’re excited to welcome Zayn Malik, who has accepted our offer to join the 2015 corps after announcing his departure from the boy band One Direction last week. We believe that Zayn’s experiences being both revered and ridiculed by teens and preteens and surviving Simon Cowell’s management—not to mention the overall Story of His Life—will equip him well for success in the classroom.”

Teach for America then stated about Zayn Malik, “Read more about our celebrity corps member” and linked to a Wikipedia page about April Fools’ Day.

Local newspapers also used Zayn Malik for their April Fools’ Day articles. For example, the Orangeville Banner in Toronto, Canada, says, “An Orangeville woman has hit the jackpot after finding One Direction star Zayn Malik’s wallet on Mill Street. April Phule, 45, was walking down Main Street on Monday (March 30), when she stumbled upon the wallet containing about $6,000 British Pounds, as well as about $5,000 in Canadian currency.”

They go on to allege in their satire article that the person contacted Zayn Malik through his Twitter account and arranged to have him pick the wallet up. Zayn Malik told her to keep the money for finding his wallet.

Of course, Zayn Malik’s April Fools’ Day joke involvement for 2015 is much better than last year. Now Magazine U.K. says in 2014 the April Fools’ Day joke for Zayn Malik was that he was dead.

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