‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Courtney Uncovers Something As She Preps For Wedding

What can fans expect from Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless? It’s been a wild week in Genoa City and now viewers are preparing themselves for a wedding. Will it go off without a hitch? Young and Restless spoilers indicate that there may be some complications ahead.

We Love Soaps teases that an event at Chancellor Park will head in an unexpected direction on the April 3 show. In addition, Y&R spoilers note that there will be big conversations ahead in this one between both Dylan and Avery as well as between Hilary and Devon.

Young and Restless spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that as Friday’s show opens, Sharon is helping Noah prep for his wedding to Courtney. The bride-to-be is getting ready at Summer’s house, and they’re excited about becoming family.

Avery and Dylan will fight once again over Joe after she had dinner with her ex. Sharon shows up, and she tells Dylan that the night Austin was killed, she saw a car coming from where the cabin was and it slowed near her. She worries that the killer may target her for the murder.

The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Neil, Devon, Lily, and Leslie will have discussions revolving around Neil’s defense over the accident. Later Hilary and Devon run into one another at Crimson Lights and it seems they will have some harsh words for one another.

As Courtney stops at the station to get the marriage license, she manages to check out the Chancellor Park camera footage. She comes across something that doesn’t fit quite right for her. At the park, Noah, Nick, Mariah, Kevin, Summer, and Kyle gather and talk about the big event ahead.

Though Stitch and Abby were planning to head out of town to get Kelly’s ashes, they decide to stick around long enough for the wedding. Kyle is a bit stunned to see them arrive at the park, though Abby and Summer manage to interact without high drama. Courtney texts Noah and says she needs him and the others at the cabin.

Young and Restless spoilers indicate that there will be more fighting between Avery and Dylan in Friday’s episode, this time over Sharon. In addition, Neil and Devon will have another talk and things may be softening a bit between the two it seems.

Just what is it that Courtney found and how will it impact the theories about Austin’s murder? It looks like fans will be left hanging on that front until next week. Tune in to The Young and the Restless airing on Friday, April 2 to see just how the next layers of the investigation unfold.

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