Raymond Frolander: Child Rape Suspect Beaten By Father Is Sentenced, Florida Man Once Said ‘Not Guilty’

Raymond Frolander became infamous as the rape suspect beaten to a pulp by the 11-year-old victim’s father after a photo of the 18-year-old man’s face was released by police showing just how badly he was beat. The child rapist initially claimed he was “not guilty” of raping the younger boy, but now he has pleaded no contest to the charges and he has been sentenced by the judge.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a rape suspect was beaten by the girl’s boyfriend, but then the alleged rapist blamed the victim for his criminal charges. The situation became even more confusing when police arrested the boyfriend for assault charges related to the girlfriend.

The young victim says he was playing video games with some friends. When the friends left, the boy was left alone with Raymond Frolander. The police say the older teenager proceeded to disrobe the victim and began sexually battering the victim. While this attack was taking place, the father walked into the room and proceeded to beat up the child rapist.

Jason Browning Small

After Frolander was beaten to a pulp, this is what the 35-year-old father of the rape victim told the 911 dispatcher.

“I just walked in on a grown man molesting… and I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer. He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you. I drug him out to the living room. Send an ambulance. He is going to need one. I did whatever I got a right to do except I didn’t kill him.”

When police officers arrived at the house they found Frolander bloodied and bruised but still alive. The father also explained why he did not kill Frolander when the younger man tried to escape the apartment.

“He stood up and his pants were around his ankles and nothing else needed to be said. I did whatever I got a right to do except I didn’t kill him…. You are d**n lucky boy that I love my God.”

The father admits the only reason he did not kill Frolander was because of his son. After beating the younger man up, the father was so enraged he went for a knife.

“My son is the one who stepped in front of me and stopped me. My son saved his attackers life, so who’s really the hero in this situation?” he said, according to WKMG.

When Raymond Frolander was arrested on July 18, 2014, he was initially recorded during an interview saying, “I’m guilty.” In August of the same year he changed his mind and tried to plead not guilty to sexual battery on a child.

During the trial, the rape victim disclosed that Frolander had been sexually abusing him since the age of eight-years-old. According to News 13, this week Frolander “pleaded no contest on the charges of lewd and lascivious molestation on a victim younger than 12,” which could have given a sentence of life in prison.

The judge in the case sentenced Frolander to 25 years in prison. He will be required to register as a sex offender and he will also be on probation via electronic monitoring for the rest of his life. The Daytona News-Journal describes Frolander as showing no emotion when he found out his future for the next quarter century.

When the victim’s father left the courtroom, this is what he told reporters.

“He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live,” the father said. “Now I can’t afford to replace y’all’s cameras so move.”

The victim’s grandmother also reports that her grandson is doing well after undergoing therapy. The boy is currently in sixth grade and is being home schooled.

“It’s over,” the victim’s grandmother said. “I just wanted justice for our grandson. That’s all I cared about. He’s doing great.”

When the grandmother was asked about Raymond Frolander, this is what she had to say.

“I’m hurt because he was family. He was like our family and it hurts that he did this,” she said. “I’m a very Christian woman and God tells me I have to forgive and I do. And I’ve learned to go on, and now I just have to re-instill trust in my grandson.”

[Image via Daytona Police Department]