Man Grows Six Inches Through Extreme Plastic Surgery

Victor Johnson

A man in New York has "grown" over six inches through painful limb-lengthening surgeries intended to artificially increase his height. The man, who goes by the pseudonym Apotheosis, clearly conveyed his reasoning for undergoing the extreme procedure as he stated:

"I realized that the world looked at me a certain way that I didn't look at myself in that certain way. I wanted the way I felt about myself and the way the world felt about me to be similar."

Renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Dror Paley claims that the majority of the patients that visit her at St. Mary's Medical Center for cosmetic reasons are suffering from height dysphoria which she claims is one of the few psychologic-psychiatric disorders that actually can be cured with the knife.

Akash Shukla is just one of those patients who has undergone the surgery for the cosmetic reason depicted by Paley. At age eighteen, the young man from New Jersey discovered that he would ultimately only grow to be a mere 4'11.5" tall and for which reason he said:

"I felt like my short stature was kind of causing a void inside me- an emptiness in my heart, if you will."

This rare procedure is performed by only a few doctors in the United States and costs roughly $85,000. Painful, time consuming, and expensive are just a few words to describe this incredible surgery which has assisted those like Shukla, Apotheosis, and many more achieve a height beyond that which they were otherwise predisposed to.

The radical and costly procedure requires surgeons to break the leg bone in order to implant a telescopic rod into the middle of the bones which is used to slowly pull the bone apart at a rate of roughly one millimeter per day. Arteries, tissue, and skin regenerate as new bone grows around the rod and repairs the break. With this surgery exist potential complications, however, regardless of the risk involved, there are those like Shukla and Apotheosis who willingly opt to have the surgery performed.

What do you think Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Emma Thompson, and their Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League would think of this radical limb-lengthening surgical procedure being performed for cosmetic reasons?