Miley Cyrus As ‘Tank Girl’ Maybe Not An April Fools’ Day Joke?

Have you heard about Miley Cyrus being cast for a remake for the 1995 post-apocalypse movie Tank Girl? If you are a Miley Cyrus fan, you are accustomed to seeing headlines about her and Patrick Schwarzenegger — but not much has been printed lately about her performance career.

However, if you saw a post about Miley Cyrus being the lead for a remake of the movie Tank Girl, hold your horses because it was just a joke — but contained a significant grain of truth.

As part of their April Fools’ Day joke, a photo of Miley Cyrus was circulated by the official fan page for the movie Tank Girl on Facebook.

The administrators of the page let the Miley Cyrus Tank Girl remake joke run all day, but many of the people making comments below the photo were obviously aware it was all just an April Fools’ Day hoax. The Official Tank Girl Facebook took the photo down at the end of April Fools’ Day.

Spoiler Free Movie captured the comments before the April Fools post was taken down. They state the following about the Miley Cyrus as Tank Girl joke, “Everyone who saw it exploded in fanboyism exclaiming that this post was ‘an insult’ and ‘a terrible idea,’ while a few other comments shared that they were having a heart attack because Cyrus was going to ruin Tank Girl. [sic]”

The Tank Girl Facebook page reposted on April 2 and captioned it with “not an April Fool’s joke.” That post linked an article to the creator of Tank Girl‘s webpage for her new comic book series. The article on the Comic Alliance website does not mention Miley Cyrus and is titled “Jamie Hewlett Returns to Tank Girl in ’21st Century Tank Girl.'”

This new journey is not Miley Cyrus’ Tank Girl: The Voyage Home (as the April Fools joke with Miley as Tank Girl implied) and is instead about the new comic series Jamie Hewlett is releasing this year where the character Tank Girl is in outer space.

The comments below this posting on the Tank Girl Facebook page talked about Miley Cyrus extensively. Some even suggest that they do not want Miley Cyrus to be the lead in Tank Girl and would prefer Gwen Stefani or Yolandi from Die Antword to play the part. Overall, most of the Tank Girl fans on April 2 did not think Miley Cyrus was the right person to play Lori Petty’s old role.

For example, Julian Mercurio says, “Now make that movie you teased us with yesterday!!! Minus the Miley of course. [sic]”

Gina M Anderson stated, “Remake Tank Girl, but no Miley Cyrus. I wouldn’t watch it. Gwen Stefani would be perfect! [sic]”

In 2012, VH1 said that Miley Cyrus was dressing like she wanted the lead in Tank Girl. Did they know that she actually said she wanted to play the lead in Tank Girl at one time? In 2010, Worst Previews stated that Miley Cyrus wanted to play the main lead in Tank Girl. They state the following about Miley Cyrus investigating a remake.

“Miley wants to establish herself in movies and Tank Girl could be the perfect franchise for her…. Cyrus believes that the role will help her shed her teen bopper image.”

Allegedly, Miley Cyrus stated about Tank Girl in 2010, “I have achieved a lot — more than some grown-ups in my position have. And I don’t have the feeling that people are taking me seriously, simply because I’m so young. I hope that’s going to change. [sic]”

Obviously, the remake of Tank Girl never happened but people still kept bringing up Miley Cyrus in relationship to doing the lead role. But what about the status of a Tank Girl remake in the future — with or without Miley Cyrus?

If you still have a shred of hope of seeing Miley Cyrus in the remake of Tank Girl, you might have to wait. In 2012, Tech Guru Daily wrote an article where Tank Girl‘s co-creator, Alan Martin, was interviewed about a remake of the movie. No doubt, the creators of Tank Girl had been approached by more actors than Miley Cyrus.

Despite the interest in a remake with Miley Cyrus — or other potential actors, it will not be happening any time soon due to paperwork. Sadly, the film rights for the Tank Girl franchise are in the hands of MGM. This means that the creators will have to wait for the rights to revert to them before a remake can be made.

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