Kiss Me NYC: Girl Tries To Kiss Random Strangers At Grand Central Station, The Results Are Hilarious [Video]

A New-York based comedian, Farah Brook, attempted to kiss random strangers in Grand Central Station, and the results are pretty much what you would expect. That is, until she comes across one man willing to cease the moment by laying a passionate kiss on her waiting lips.

Comedian Farah Brook uploaded the video titled, “Kiss Me NYC” to her YouTube channel on March 20. In the video, Brook notes that she is going to try to kiss some random strangers while a friend filmed.

Prior to attempting her first kiss, Brook says, “Let’s hope I don’t get punched.”

She makes it through the whole video without anyone punching her. However, some of the unsuspecting kiss victims did use physical force to remove her lips from their presence.

The first attempt for a movie-like train station kiss was less-than-successful. Farah approached a man with her cell phone asking for directions. As the man proceeded to give her the directions she requested, Farah goes in for the kiss. Her lips are puckered and she tries not once, but twice, to lay a big one on the helpful stranger. However, the man was not having any of it and gently pushes her head away.

Some physically push Farah as she attempts to go in for the kiss while others simply walk away from the girl slowly. However, at the end of the video, Farah gets her movie moment when a man dining alone accepts her advances and passionately kisses her back.

What do you think of Farah Brook and her “Kiss Me NYC” video?