Positive Pregnancy Test For Sale: Facebook Removes Post That Tricks Men Into Marrying Their Partners — Worst April Fools’ Joke Ever?

Several positive pregnancy tests have been sold on Facebook to help women get their boyfriends to marry them. The disturbing new April Fools’ joke was originally discovered by news.com.au. It shows an ad for a positive pregnancy that costs $20 Australian. The ad appeared on the Melbourne “buy, swap and sell” Facebook page.

The sales pitch for the positive pregnancy tests says: “Ladies want to make that man of yours propose?! Positive pregnancy test for $20 each. Make that man yours!!”

Positive pregnancy tests posted on buy, swap and sell site. Photo: 3AW/Facebook

A woman named Sue told the news site that she was “disgusted” to see the ad on her Facebook feed. It reportedly turned up on the Port Melbourne Garden City and Surrounding Suburbs Buy, Swap and Sell group pages over the weekend. It seems like someone was trying to cash in by selling positive pregnancy tests in time for April Fools’ Day. Sue exclaimed her disgust over the ad for the fake positive tests.

“I was just shocked that people would do such deceitful things. Selling it is wrong but if someone was going to fake a pregnancy to gain a man … I couldn’t believe it.”

It’s probably one of the worst April Fools’ jokes ever. It’s been confirmed that the ad was a joke, even though the woman’s page looked legit. Facebook later removed the post that advertised the supposed positive pregnancy tests. Sue didn’t see any humor in the ad either.

“If it was a joke no one thought it was funny, I think people just thought it was sick.”

Even though Sue said that “no one wanted to buy” the positive pregnancy tests, there were already some reviews about it. According to the Daily Mail, one person wrote: “It worked for my girlfriend – she said she lost it.” However, Yahoo! News reported that no purchases were made at the time. Sue told a Melbourne radio station that she plans to investigate the person who’s responsible for the Facebook post. She was told that the person reportedly works in the nursing field.

Unfortunately, ads for positive pregnancy tests are common. The Metro reported the gag gifts started appearing for sale on Craigslist during the holiday season. Apparently, there are some women that are looking to “lock down” their men before the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

The ads for positive pregnancy tests aren’t just popping up on Craigslist and Facebook. They’re also appearing on Amazon, according to Bustle. The Right Time fake pregnancy test kit looks like a real pregnancy test, but it’s fake and it’s always positive.

“The Right Time prank pregnancy test was designed to give positive results under any circumstance and is a great gag for you to play on your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or anyone else that you feel like joking. The tests could be used as a joke at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or any other shenanigans you may have in mind. Using urine on the test is not necessary because it was manufactured to turn positive using any liquid that is not too acidic.”

Even the Right Time box and test looks legitimate, the news site noted. It comes with a guarantee of “unsurpassed accuracy” on the box. And if one positive test isn’t enough for you, it comes with two positive pregnancy tests so you can convince your partner you’re pregnant with his baby.


What are your thoughts on women buying positive pregnancy tests? Do you think it’s an hilarious prank or an offensive joke?

[Image: Klaus Hoffmeier via Wikimedia Commons]