Peyton Manning to Miami: Dolphin Fans Start Petition for Colts’ QB

Will it be Seattle? Indianapolis? Miami? The debate over Peyton Manning’s future in the NFL continues as football fans in Miami urge the future hall of famer to take his talents to South Beach. is asking fans to sign a petition to get Peyton to the Dolphins. The website has also put up billboards along the interstate to bring attention to the cause. The website reads:

“Be Part OF “The Movement” and Make History – BRING MANNING TO MIAMI – This site has been created to help influence Peyton Manning and the Miami Dolphins that “Manning to Miami” is a movement and marriage that the entire South Florida community is behind. Tell family, friends (even enemies), tell co-workers, business associates to cast their vote and make a difference in Bringing Manning to Miami.”

And the people behind Manning to Miami aren’t the only ones who think that Peyton would be a good fit in South Beach. ESPN writes that with Manning the Dolphins would be an instant title contender.

Miami already has a pretty impressive Pro Bowl offensive package in Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush, and with Jake Long at left tackle, Manning wouldn’t have to worry about too many blindside hits.

According to ESPN, Manning will end up somewhere other than Indianapolis next year. The Colts are expected to release Manning before his $28 million bonus is due in March. The Colts are expected to take Andrew Luck with the No.1 overall pick in the NFL draft and say goodbye to the Manning era.

So where should Peyton Manning play? Do you think he’ll take his talents to South Beach?