13-Year-Old 60 Pounds Surgery: Brain Tumor Treatment Leaves Teen Overweight, Loses 60 Pounds After Surgery

A 13-year-old lost 60 pounds after surgery that changed her life. According to Mail Online, Alexis Shapiro was diagnosed with hypothalamic obesity as a result of the treatment that she received for a brain tumor back in 2011. Alexis weighed 203 pounds in 2014, but was unable to lose weight. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and suffered from other obesity-related ailments.

Despite her declining health, Alexis’ insurance refused to cover gastric sleeve surgery, so her parents decided to raise money through crowdfunding. They were able to raise $86,000, and Alexis underwent the surgery, which her parents say saved her life.

Alexis is doing so well now that she was recently able to complete her very first 5K.

“I still really believe the surgery saved her life,” said Alexis’ mother, Jenny Shapiro. “I don’t even know if we would be here. Seeing her do a 5K was just icing on the cake.”

The 13-year-old who lost 60 pounds with the surgery is about a year in, and she’s doing really well. She continues to feel better each day and says that she has a lot more energy now. According to People Magazine, the gastric sleeve surgery did not reverse the hypothalamic obesity, which Alexis still suffers from. She has gained back about 10 pounds, but she’s staying positive and doing her best to stay active.

“I feel more active and more talkative. I walk laps every day,” Alexis said.

Meanwhile, she’s trying to keep herself going while taking steroids and growth hormones on a daily basis.

“She does as well as she can. She tries to tough it out,” explains Jenny.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alexis’ journey has been chronicled on a Facebook page. Since her story has gone viral, hundreds of people have decided to “like” the page in order to learn more about Alexis and how she’s doing. One of the more recent posts is below.

“Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year since Alexis had bariatric surgery. I know that it saved her life. The firsts that we have experienced in the last year have been amazing. Seeing Alexis enjoy life again and gain confidence is such a joy. It hasn’t been easy she has really worked hard. We had our 1yr follow up and due to Alexis’ hormone deficiency’s we have some things we need to adjust and work on. She does not grow without growth hormone injections but they make her feel sick so it’s really hard to be consistent and get her to school. Her steroids that keep her alive are damaging her bones. She has gained some weight back. But, I know we have the best team looking out for her. This journey is long and hard but worth it. I absolutely HATE hypothalamic obesity and Craniopharyngioma!! There was a recent passing in our Cranio family support group. It hits really close to home. Please think about this boy’s family. It’s so unfair.”

[Photo via Facebook]