‘Cosmopolitan’ Addresses Racism On Twitter With A ‘Note’

Cosmopolitan has responded to the racist allegations. However, it did not happen the way people thought it should. An editorial note was given.

This morning has been busy with the onslaught on Cosmopolitan via Twitter. Generally, companies that are concerned with public relations will offer an apology of some sort after making a public mistake. Cosmo simply gave a note that implies “you took it the wrong way,” placing the blame on the readers rather than itself.

It tweeted this note moments ago. However, did it truly right its publicly-voted wrong? Hours before it provided this note, it updated its account as follows.

Basically, it was saying it was “unbothered” by its feedback. So was this “note” coerced as just something to appease the crowd?

Nevertheless, it has continued to update as usual as if there is nothing going on. There’s no formal word from the public relations department. It seems to have been swept under the rug.

If you haven’t been following the story, the original article featured comparisons in a “‘Hello Gorgeous!’ or ‘R.I.P.'” editorial. However, every black woman in the comparisons was given a “R.I.P.”

The title was about “trends that needed to die.” So, people took it as “black people” being the trend that needs to die. As mentioned, Cosmopolitan did offer the aforementioned note, but did not address anything about its alleged racism. Yet and still, people want answers.

What are your thoughts on the Cosmopolitan’s half-hearted address? The “mood” tweet was interesting, no?

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]