‘Dancing With The Stars’: Robert Herjavec Trash-Talked Chris Soules When Season Was Set To Begin

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson have been holding their own on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Heading into Week 4, the pair have been singled out for their chemistry and the persistent rumors that their union is more than professional. Former Bachelor Chris Soules is also competing this season, but his performance with reigning champion Witney Carson has been less impressive. Soules and Carson had a disappointing performance in Week 2 and bounced back in Week 3.

When the Dancing with the Stars season was just about to get underway, it was clear Herjavec and Johnson saw Soules as a potential threat. In an interview with ET Canada posted on March 13, Herjavec “trash-talked” the Iowa farmer, downplaying his prowess in the ballroom.

“He lives on a farm with a bunch of pigs. I mean really, how much dancing is going on there?”

Although Herjavec said Soules “seems like a very nice guy,” he disagreed with Johnson’s assessment that Soules was “fit.”

“He’s not that fit. [He’s got] a gut on him. And he seemed a little clumsy. He tripped while he was walking.”

Herjavec then seemed to imply he was kidding and acknowledged that “he looked fit, I’m a little scared to be honest.” Johnson gave her own assessment of Soules based on her sneak peek at his rehearsal.

“I like to spy on [the other contestants]… Physically [Soules] looks pretty good.”

Herjavec received some ribbing of his own, specifically from his Shark Tank co-star Kevin O’Leary, who joked that while Johnson was a “spring chicken,” Robert was simply a “chicken.” Herjavec and O’Leary have a long history as co-hosts on venture capitalist shows, including Shark Tank and its predecessor in Canada, Dragons’ Den.

O’Leary and fellow shark Lori Greiner were on hand Monday night to cheer on “Team Sharkaroo,” a fact which Herjavec noted on his Entertainment Weekly blog.

“Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner stepped out of the ‘Shark Tank’ to cheer us on, and despite calling me a chicken this week—yes, I haven’t forgotten, Kevin!—they were rooting us on every step of the way. I could hear Lori screaming from the edge of her seat. Thanks for being there, guys!”

Any friendly competition between Soules and Herjavec would seem to be long past, as the two men and Carson posed for a snap on Twitter.

Johnson took to Instagram to post a picture of herself and Herjavec “dancing” at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Dancing with the Stars is back on Monday night on ABC. The stars will recount their most memorable year in the form of dance.

[Robert Herjavec and Chris Soules images courtesy of Getty]