Wife Put Husband On ‘Sex Ban For Life’ As She Suspected He Cheated With Neighbor

Despite his constant denials, Kevin Mulholland has probably been given the worst punishment any wife could give her husband. She has put him on a sex ban for life for allegedly cheating on her with a neighbor.

Haley Mulholland, who is a mother of eight kids, meant business when she told Kevin never to cheat on her. Having taken a lie detector test and failed, Kevin is very much in the proverbial dog house. Although he still lives with his family in Bristol, UK, he sleeps on the sofa and has no marital relations — ever.

While the thought of being with Kevin sexually is abhorrent to her, Haley doesn’t want any other woman to have him either.

She told reporters, “I might not want Kev, but I don’t want anyone else to have him either, I keep tabs on his phone and on his Facebook page. He swears he’s staying true, but I couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Over the past few months I’ve become quite the detective.”

Haley is serious about the sex ban, as she added to reporters, ‘The other night he started stroking my thigh. I slapped his hand away. This body is well and truly out of bounds.

Haley explained how she caught her husband.

“A month before the big day I was on the computer and noticed Facebook was still logged on to Kev’s profile. I clicked on his inbox, and discovered a message from one of our neighbours. She’d written “Have you told her yet?” which made my heart race. Had my Kev been going round for more than a cup of sugar? The rest of their correspondence was harmless enough, so I decided to give Kev the benefit of the doubt.”

Obviously, Haley’s curiosity got the better of her, saying, “But just weeks after our wedding I started hearing rumours about the two of them. I asked Kev if something was going on and he denied it. But I smelt a rat – a love rat.”

In the ultimate move, Haley told Kevin it was no sex until he fessed up, something he hasn’t done for over two years now.

She explained, “Two years went by and I stuck to my word. We slept on opposite sides of the bed, absolutely no touching.”

After some pressure and lots of celibacy, Kevin came clean.

“He said it had only lasted five minutes, but that didn’t matter to me. Once a cheat always a cheat. I knew we were over but I didn’t kick him out for the sake of the kids, instead I moved him downstairs. The little ones are none the wiser.”

For his part, Kev wants Haley back, saying, “I love Haley more than anything, no other woman compares. The kids and her are my life. I’m still living in the house, so there’s still love there. I’m not having sex with anyone to prove just how serious I am. The fact that she’s checking up on me tells me that she cares.”

[Image credit: Sun.co.uk]