Jessica Simpson Calls Her Pregnant Body a ‘Big Blob’

Although Jessica Simpson has been on the receiving end of a lot of body-negativity during her career, she hasn’t developed an aversion herself to making such comments about pregnancy and its effects on the female form.

Simpson- who has been pregnant for like two years now, it feels like- was speaking about her upcoming appearance on NBC’s Fashion Star in March. The 31-year-old pop singer says the appearance was filmed before she was pregnant, so appearing on the show now will create a contrast that she described in some not flattering or body positive terms. Simpson was on a conference call plugging Fashion Star when she said:

“I wasn’t pregnant when we shot it. It will be amazing to see myself with a waistline. I’ll be like a big blob sitting on the couch watching myself thin.”

I guess she gets some kind of a pass for not knocking other pregnant women, but still, that kind of insidious self-hate has a way of infecting others who watch and listen- particularly when it comes from the mouths of celebrities. And most pregnant women don’t have a stylist, scads of money for a trainer, or a makeup artist to touch up their look before they have to appear in public- so she undoubtedly made more than a few women who saw or read her comments feel not that great about themselves.

Simpson also talked about her role on the show guiding young fashion designers- presumably part of the programming deals with slapping your name on other designers’ works or licensing it out because you were on a reality show once upon a time? No? Simpson says:

“Teaming up with this show was a perfect fit. I couldn’t turn it down because I felt like it was great for my collection, but it was also important for me to talk to these up-and-coming designers and mentor them and kind of show them the ropes and really try to lead them in the right direction.”

Simpson said she hopes to expand her line to include pieces for blobs with a new maternity collection.