Dr Sick Note Waste Of Time: Canadian Physician Blasts Employer’s Sick Leave Policy

Businesses may have to rethink their sick leave policies, at least that’s what one family physician reportedly said. A user of the social media site Reddit posted a copy of a note from his friend’s doctor in Canada Tuesday after their employer, Pizza Hut, requested they get a sick note before returning to work as proof of the illness. Apparently, one doctor did so, but went one step further by slamming the need to do so, claiming that it’s a waste of time, this according to a Business Insider report.

The letter, which has not been authenticated by Inquisitr, claims to be from a Canadian doctor to managers at a local Pizza Hut franchise. The “scathing” response from the doctor, which has gone viral, questions the need for mandating that workers go through the strain and rigors of getting an appointment with a practitioner, especially for minor ailments that only require bed rest. The name of the doctor providing the note verifying the employee’s sickness and the Pizza Hut worker are blotted out.

It begins with a commendation to the worker for taking precautions to stay at home on bed rest to avoid spreading their germs to coworkers; supposedly the ailing person had a virus consistent with a cold. Then, it assailed the company’s practice for wasting the time and tax dollars of him and those who really need higher levels of care, respectively.

“…I have no test for the common cold and therefore believe him/her, however you feel his time and mine should be wasted by making him sit in the walk in clinic for hours…”

The document then ends when the good doctor implores the company to “please reconsider” their policy and stop requiring sick notes that amount to a waste of everyone’s time.

Pizza Hut Sick Note

An employment manual, purportedly the property of Pizza Hut (2011 edition), lays out rules governing sick leave and procedures on what to do should a worker become ill. One part of the policy requires a worker to provide a doctor’s note when returning to work to confirm said illness.

This is the bone of contention the doctor has about the policy. To them, a note often does more harm than good, depending on the severity of the illness. One Canadian physician, unrelated to the current controversy, made headlines in Canada in 2013 when she threatened to start charging employers for every instance whereby a worker needs a sick note from a doctor. Like the doctor in today’s story, Ethel Cooper-Rosen believes note requirements, in general, are a waste of time.

“We feel that this is inappropriate. Doctors Nova Scotia feels that this is inappropriate. Patients who have mild viral illnesses and have no reason to see the doctor, because really, the treatment for these illnesses is stay home and rest.”

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