‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Hated ‘Frozen’ — What About Jim Parsons’ ‘Home’?

Mayim Bialik pulled no punches in her review of the Disney blockbuster Frozen, questioning its feminism. The outspoken Kveller blogger often takes heat for her controversial views, which recently led her to clarify her stance on vaccines. So when she took her sons to see her Big Bang Theory co-star’s new film Home, blog readers could assume she would give an honest assessment.

The verdict? She loved it, as did her kids. Bialik said the film taught valuable lessons of morality and showed people of all colors, shapes, and backgrounds. She found the script smart and funny. Bialik also gave high praise to Jim for his portrayal of the lovable alien Oh.

“Even if [Jim Parsons] wasn’t my buddy, I would have fallen in love with the voice and persona of the character Oh. He is flawed. He is an outcast; most people find him annoying. He doesn’t read social cues well at all. He is left behind a lot. But he’s sweet. He wants to learn to be in relationships and he loves interaction. He is devoted and gentle and straight-forward.”

Bialik also singled out Rihanna’s character, Tip, as “a truly strong female lead.”

Mayim’s supportive comments might be good news for Jim Parsons, who told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview that he questioned whether he could be as “cute” in voice as the character of Oh is drawn. The animators adopted one of Parsons’ personal quirks when they designed Oh, however: talking from the outside of his mouth.

As Bialik and Parsons work on other projects, Amy and Sheldon will return to television screens Thursday night as The Big Bang Theory is set to premiere a new episode. Sheldon and Leonard attempt to visit Star Wars creator George Lucas at his ranch after they are invited to speak at UC Berkeley.

The episode comes just before Easter weekend and the beginning of Passover. Bialik wrote in a separate Kveller post about celebrating the holiday with her ex-husband and getting enough protein as a vegan. Noting she has a busy life, she values the opportunity of the holiday to slow down.

“[T]he immersion of ourselves in this festive holiday, and the rituals from thousands of years, and the traditions of thousands of years, and the memories we all have collectively will make this Pesach amazing. It will be wondrous, no matter what. It will be complicated, no matter what. Because freedom is complicated.”

The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS, and Home is currently in theaters.

[Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons image courtesy of Getty]