Alejandra Omaña: Journalist Poses Naked To Celebrate Soccer Triumph — As Promised On Twitter

Alejandra Omaña is a Colombian journalist who promised to pose naked if the soccer team she passionately supports won a promotion to that country’s top-level professional league.

As a result, Omaña is about to become her country’s most famous journalist, and not because she is the Colombian equivalent of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

In South America and Europe, pro soccer leagues are divided into higher and lower divisions, with the top flight reserved for the best — and usually wealthiest — teams. But each year, the top teams from each division move up while the bottom teams are “relegated,” that is, dropped down.

Alejandra Omaña made good on her pledge this week to pose “balls naked” in a local men’s magazine, Soho, if her beloved soccer club Deportivo Cucuta performed well enough in the second division to move on up to the top flight.

At first, it seemed like Omaña had made a pretty safe bet and would get to keep her clothes on while still rooting for her favorite team. In a four-team playoff to determine which side would win promotion, Cucuta was seeded third.

But amazingly, the team pulled off an upset and achieved its goal of promotion to Colombia’s top soccer league — and of allowing the rest of the country to see Alejandra Omaña naked.

While the photos are mostly tastefully done, they are too NSFW to display here. But for those not offended by mild nudity, most of her Soho photos can be seen on Alejandra Omaña’s own Instagram page at this link.

She led off the shoot with a suggestive shot in which she wears the distinctive black-and-red jersey sported by Deportivo Cucucta soccer players.

She pulls up the jersey to reveal the hashtag “#CucutaAsciende” — that is, “Cucuta promoted” — across her stomach in Magic Marker, leaving no doubt as to why she chose to pose naked.

“I got carried away by the emotion of feeling part of a movement that dresses in red and black,” she said in the magazine. “That’s why you have these wonderful photos.”

Omaña went on to call Cucuta’s quest for promotion and her own experience posing naked as “an unforgettable journey that I now scratch off my list that I had to do during the course of my life.”

Her experience comes just six months after a “model” stripped naked at the championship game of the Australian Football League.

While the experience of posing naked may indeed be unforgettable, especially in the age of the internet when nothing posted online can ever truly be forgotten, Alejandra Omaña also promised to be “more cautious in my betting” next soccer season, when she predicts that her beloved Cucuta will win the Colombian championship.

[Image: Alejandra Omaña Instagram]