‘Mob Wives’ Big Ang Reveals She Has A Tumor In Her Throat?

Does Big Ang have a tumor in her throat? According to TMZ, the Mob Wives star and the owner of The Drunken Monkey has a massive tumor in her throat and is currently hospitalized because of it.

Sources close to the story told TMZ that the tumor was the size of a lemon, and that Big Ang will undergo surgery to have it removed. As of right now, no one knows if the tumor is cancerous or not.

Originally, the Mob Wives star was scheduled to film another reality show starting this week, but it was held off when Big Ang started feeling some pain. According to TMZ, the reality star made an appearance in New York City but kept her neck covered up.

This isn’t the only trouble Big Ang has experienced lately. It was recently reported that the Drunken Monkey Bar, often seen on the show, has been temporarily shut down. The Staten Island bar was shut down by the State Liquor Authority due to Big Ang’s “illicit ownership interest in the place.”

On The Drunken Monkey’s Facebook page, a statement read, “On behalf of all of us from the DRUNKEN MONKEY, we want to thank all of our patrons, friends and family for the love and support over the years. Although we cannot comment on the closure of the establishment, you can always reach us via this Facebook page.”

The note continued, “The DRUNKEY MONKEY wasn’t just a bar, it was a family and a home for many. It wasn’t just a location, it was a lifestyle. We were the first to extend a helping hand and will continue to do so from Facebook and other social media. With that being said, the doors on Forest Avenue may be closed but our HEARTS will always remain OPEN to you!”

Although Big Ang’s cousin held the liquor license, Big Ang had authority, which isn’t allowed given that she’s a convicted felon. Couple that with the fact that Big Ang never applied for a liquor license to begin with and you have a few big violations.

The Drunken Monkey’s liquor license was canceled on February 10.

[Photo by Anna Webber / Getty Images]