Which 2015 Final Four Teams Busted Your Bracket?

Everyone has a strategy when it comes to building their brackets. Some put all their money on the winning seeds. Others have a more carpe diem approach and use every tactic they can think of to intentionally bust their bracket and see what happens. This year, some of those bracket busters may have had the right idea.

The Final Four for this year’s NCAA tournament have been announced, and they’re set to face off starting this Saturday, April 4, 2015. Duke is set to play Michigan State at 6 p.m. ET, and the undefeated University of Kentucky and Wisconsin will battle it out at 8:30 p.m. ET.

This year’s Final Four brought with it plenty of upsets, just like any other year, and several March Madness fans found themselves stuck with a losing bracket almost before the season started. Today’s Final Four came as a result of many of these upsets, beginning with Michigan State’s incredible takeover in round 32.

Michigan State Tops Virginia

Though a top ranked team, Michigan State wasn’t expected to beat Virginia, the second highest-ranked team in the nation, but when Travis Trice led his game to an astounding victory of 60-54 against Virginia, their path to the Final Four was simple. Trice’s incredible performance and 28-foot three-pointer changed the tides for Michigan State, leading them up the bracket and directly into the championship.

Iowa State Loses to UAB

Iowa State didn’t make it to the Final Four, but that’s the cause of one of the biggest bracket busters of the year. As a number three seed team, thousands had Iowa State in or very near the championship game. When they lost out in the second round to a No. 14 seed team, UAB, it was over for them and several of their fans’ brackets as one of the biggest bracket upsets of the year.

Kentucky’s Undefeated Season

It’s true that the University of Kentucky is the number one seed in the NCAA this year, but no one could have predicted that they would be the first team to ever go undefeated in NCAA history. This feat alone led them to the very top of the bracket this year, giving them the prime spot in the Final Four tournament.

Will they make it all the way? Wisconsin is projected as a worthy competitor, and according to Villanova coach Rollie Massimino, they’re the ones to beat Kentucky’s endless winning streak with Wisconsin’s Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, two highly experienced players, ready for the NBA. This post featured on Inquistr also projects Wisconsin as the team to beat Kentucky because of their solid defense.

Only time will tell.

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