‘Cosmopolitan’s Racist Twitter Backlash Brews

Cosmopolitan finds itself in a bit of a pickle via Twitter. The magazine’s “R.I.P.” feature in one of the latest posts received a lot of social backlash.

In this Cosmopolitan feature, the idea was to give a comparison of how and how not to contour makeup, mostly. That was the “idea.” However, Twitter followers didn’t perceive it that way. This is because a four-comparison block featured a model of African-descent aside a Caucasian model, and each of the comparisons left the former with “R.I.P.,” while the latter received a “Hello Gorgeous!”

That’s definitely a “no bueno” for Cosmopolitan’s image, as deems the Twitterverse.

Since the editorial, Cosmopolitan has been receiving a lot of feedback about it. However, the magazine seems to be going on with its day and has not addressed the issue. After a while, trends tend to die down and things resume back to normal. Maybe that’s the hope?

@Cosmopolitan so you’re just gonna act like your website isnt subtlety racist? and continue on with your day?

— imaniiiii (@imaniunchained) April 2, 2015

Whatever the case, the onslaught seems to be full steam ahead.

The fact that everyone is so shocked #Cosmopolitan is racist is beyond comical. Now we wait for the #fauxpology, as if we need it though ;) — Teiarra Jackson (@TeiarraJackson) April 2, 2015

LOL @Cosmopolitan did what? it probably wasn’t intentionally racist, but…this is why you need more POC working in the editorial depts. — ANA (@full_of_moxie) April 2, 2015

However, believe it or not, this racially-fused coincidence wasn’t intentional. Cosmopolitan’s full article shows others sized up alongside each other, and the focus is more about the models’ makeups and hair “dos and don’ts.” Yet, as aforementioned, the underlying issue taken away from the article is the implication that only “Caucasian-descent” women are “gorgeous.”

Things have gotten so heated that there’s talk of a boycott. Though Twitter users are upset about it, there are those who show Cosmopolitan support and aren’t focusing on the racist accusations.

Please do not boycott cosmopolitan. If they were racist they wouldn’t write stories like these pic.twitter.com/lmXVB3MIf0 — savana (@savanamarieee) April 1, 2015

What are your thoughts on the Cosmopolitan racial conflict? Do you think people are overreacting? Or do you think Twitter users have the right response to the feature?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Carlos Alvarez | Getty Images Entertainment]