A ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Is Actually Happening

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a theme park based on the successful Hunger Games franchise was being planned by Lionsgate. At the time, there was no clue if the theme park would actually come to life. Some Hunger Games fans also didn’t seem too keen on the idea.

However, a recent press release from Lionsgate stated that plans for the Hunger Games theme park are officially going through, and it looks like the doors will open next year in Dubai. The film studio announced that it is partnering with Motiongate Dubai for a “zone” dedicated to its two biggest franchises right now, The Hunger Games and Step Up. The latter is described as being “a live stage show.”

There aren’t too many details being released about the Hunger Games theme park, but Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer noted that he is looking forward to bringing the studio’s two big franchises to the city of Dubai.

“Our franchises are continuing to drive location-based entertainment opportunities around the world. We’re proud to partner with the team at Dubai Parks and Resorts to create a thrilling total entertainment experience designed to attract millions of new fans and continue the global expansion of our brands.”

Dubai Parks and Resorts CEO Raed Al Nuaimi also expressed his excitement.

“Lionsgate’s ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Step Up,’ and other signature properties are the perfect centerpiece for one of the most visionary new theme parks in the world.”

While the Hunger Games franchise has been hugely successful for Lionsgate, there are still some questioning the idea of turning it into a theme park. The series does revolve around teens fighting to the death in order to survive a violent game that’s being broadcasted for the nation to see.

what are they even going to put in a hunger games theme park

— steph (@lookingforsteph) April 1, 2015

There is also the fact that a flight to Dubai is not cheap. Depending on where you live and how long you want to stay, some airlines would be charging $1,000 or more for a round-trip flight.

Are you interested in attending a theme park based on the Hunger Games franchise?

[Image credit: Lionsgate via New York Post]