Aaron Hernandez Trial Deliberations Begin Next Week, Former Patriots TE ‘Guilty,’ Says Twitter Jury

Jurors in the Aaron Herandez murder trial are expected to start deliberations next week, per Judge E. Susan Garsh. On Thursday, the prosecution rested its case after more than 125 witnesses were called to the stand over a period of two months. The defense will call its first, and possibly only, witness to the stand on Monday, with closing arguments anticipated mid-week.

Will the jury find the former New England Patriots tight end guilty in the June, 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd? Trial-watchers on Twitter having been playing the role of online jurors, with many tweeting that Hernandez is guilty and should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Despite the guilty buzz on Twitter, how the controversial case will play out is still unknown, especially in light of the incredible amount of circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution.

According to Boston Herald reporter Bob McGovern, court will not be in session on Friday, with only motions heard on that day. Jurors will return to court on Monday to hear the witness or witnesses that the defense brings forth.

Closing arguments will be vital to both sides, and there is no doubt that jurors will be listening to every word that the prosecution and Aaron Herandez’s defense team says during their final statements. Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann states that “there is no limit on time given to present the arguments” but most lawyers try to “keep it concise” so they don’t lose the attention of the jurors.

CNN reporter Susan Candiotti tweeted that the jury will not be sequestered, and Judge Garsh instructed them on Thursday that when they go into deliberations, they can “work until 4:30 p.m. daily, and can work longer if they wish.”

Even if Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty, he will still be held in jail. According to Boston.com, he faces another trial in connection to a double murder that took place in July of 2012 in the South End of Boston. That trial is expected to start shortly after a verdict in the Odin Lloyd murder trial is reached.

Watch the Aaron Hernandez murder trial live streaming online or on your mobile phone with the Livestream app. The live video stream below will play when court is in session. Video will pause during recess, lunch breaks, and when the prosecution and/or defense call a sidebar.

[Image: Boston Globe/Twitter]