Lucy Lawless Is Peeing All Over An Arctic Oil Tanker

When Lucy Lawless and her team of Greenpeace workers boarded an oil tanker in the Arctic they knew their time spent aboard the ship would be hard and she’s proving that point with her pee.

You heard that right, one of Lucy’s first comments aboard the arctic oil tanker is that she has to come up with some inventive ways to go potty.

Because bathrooms are off limits to Lucy Lawless and the other protesters they’ve begun peeing into water bottles.

While it’s freezing cold aboard the oil tanker sources close to the protest say Lucy is in good spirits after spending her first freezing cold night aboard the ship.

The actress also plans to continue her fight against arctic drilling and realizes that the moment she steps off the oil tanker she’ll be arrested for trespassing.

Regardless of the consequences that follow her protect she tells TMZ it’s “worth it” because we all need to do our part to save the “delicate ecosystem” in the Arctic.

Would you be willing to pee in water bottles aboard a freezing cold oil tanker in the Arctic if it could help raise awareness about the dangers of drilling in the areas delicate ecosystem?