WWE News: Major Update On Heat Between Steve Austin And Vince McMahon From WrestleMania

Stone Cold Steve Austin, former WWE champion, was slated to appear at WrestleMania 31. It is unclear if he was supposed to be involved in a segment, but the fact that Austin was invited to WWE’s biggest event is enough. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Austin declined the invitation to WrestleMania last Sunday. At that time, the reason for declining was unknown.

The last time the WWE Universe saw Stone Cold was on the WWE Network. He interviewed Triple H and Vince McMahon separately in the famous Stone Cold Podcast. Both times, Triple H, McMahon, and Stone Cold broke kayfabe several times as they talked about topics such as Chyna, CM Punk, and the infamous Colt Cabana Podcast.

Today, a new report has come out that sheds more light on the heat between Austin and McMahon. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Austin didn’t go to WrestleMania because of an issue with his podcast and the WWE.

“One person close to the situation said they have never seen Vince as angry about anything else, which is saying a lot. The rift between Vince and Austin reportedly has to do with his podcast on the WWE Network and Vince not liking some aspects of it. This is likely why WWE Network is now carrying Chris Jericho’s podcast instead.”

In the report, Dave Meltzer talks about Stone Cold being planned to take the same plane with the Undertaker out of Dallas, Texas. Austin wasn’t there when the plane landed, so that caused the WWE employee, who they sent to pick up Stone Cold, to come back empty-handed. It sounds like Austin didn’t even let the WWE know he wasn’t coming to WrestleMania.

To make matters worse, Austin had a name on a room mid-week backstage at Levi’s Stadium, which was obviously a waste. The WWE believed Austin would still come days after the plane landed with the Undertaker on it. As the report talked about, McMahon was furious when he found out Austin wasn’t attending WrestleMania.

There’s even a possibility that Austin was scheduled to be in a segment during the show. What that segment would’ve been is unknown, as the Rock already made his presence felt in Santa Clara, California. One point about the podcast scenario makes more sense, due to the WWE using Chris Jericho as the next live podcast on the WWE Network. If there was no tension, it would’ve presumably been Austin.

For WWE fans everywhere, hopefully Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon amend their issues soon because the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network is one of the most intriguing segments on WWE programming.

[Image via mindofcarnage.com]