Bruce Jenner Sued? Attorneys For Stepchildren Retained In Potential Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The latest news about Bruce Jenner is not about his alleged transition surgery. Instead, it’s a matter of civil liability. According to a TMZ report, Jenner could be sued by the surviving relatives of Kim Howe, the victim who died in a fatal accident earlier this year in Malibu where Bruce was the driver of one of the automobiles.

The twist in the case is that the stepchildren of the woman, whom allegedly had no relationship with her, stand to collect any judgment or settlement should a wrongful death lawsuit be filed. Sources told the tabloid that Howe’s husband died 12 years ago, her parents are deceased, and she has no other surviving blood relatives. Based on California statutes, family members can pursue claims in court even if they were estranged at the time their loved one died.

As a result, the stepchildren are next in line to sue Bruce Jenner and hold him civilly liable for their stepmother’s death in the Pacific Coast Highway crash. Insiders say the woman’s family members have retained counsel and are pursuing legal action in some fashion. Moreover, one of the potential plaintiffs has allegedly asked an attorney to find pictures on social media and others sources with him and Howe together. It’s thought this could bolster his case for any damages should Jenner be sued.

Bruce was driving a black Cadillac Escalade on January 7 when he supposedly rear-ended a white Lexus, driven by Howe. A video and accident reconstruction footage, which has not been authenticated, shows the woman’s vehicle heading into the path of an oncoming Hummer, which struck her head-on. She died at the scene. The video also shows Jenner’s vehicle striking a Toyota Prius after the first collision.

Reportedly, police do not intend to charge Bruce Jenner criminally in the fatal crash. However, this does not bar him from being sued. Records show his accident insurance policy is only worth $250,000. As a consequence, any judgment beyond that amount, should a lawsuit be filed, will likely come from his personal assets. Insiders close to the matter say Bruce shares about $125 million with Kris Jenner, whom he recently divorced.

Legal experts claim that the “sky is the limit” for the family of the deceased victim should Bruce face a lawsuit. Should Jenner be sued despite not facing charges for criminal wrongdoing?

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]