Sinbad The Stowaway Kitten Makes And Survives Epic 2,000-Mile Journey In Shipping Container

A kitten just made a 2,000-mile journey from Egypt to UK. The kitten completed the 17-day journey locked in a freight container with no access to food and water.

Living up to his name, Sinbad, the 8-month-old ginger cat, has survived an “epic” 2,000-mile voyage inside an Egyptian shipping container. The stowaway kitten had somehow managed to climb into a box of luxury linens bound for the UK from Alexandria and made the journey with no nourishment. It is truly a miracle how the kitten managed to stay alive.

When the container was unloaded at Mediterranean Linens in Felixstowe, workers were quite surprised to a see a kitten inside their cargo. When he was discovered, Sinbad was expectedly quite weak and fragile. Though he looked malnourished, he clearly hadn’t given up hope. Upon discovery, the kind workers loaded Sinbad onto a lorry and delivered him to a business in Herefordshire.

Locked In A Container For A 17-Day Journey

The RSPCA, who is the current and temporary owner of Sinbad, said it was nothing short of a miracle he had survived the 17-day journey to Moreton-on-Lugg without food or water.

Speaking about the brave and lucky kitten, Pippa Boyd from the charity said, “It is just amazing he survived this trip at such a fragile young age, it really is something of a miracle.”

The kitten was quite resourceful and had managed to make a cozy bed from the choicest of linens at his disposal during the 16-day journey that, fortunately, happened over calm waters.

“He was all curled up in the linens and had made quite a bed for himself.”

The kitten was completely exhausted and never attempted to fight off multiple people who handled him once the container was unlocked to unload the contents.

Boyd continued, “The poor thing was extremely hungry and thirsty after such a long journey without any nourishment so we have been feeding him carefully ever since as he cannot cope with a full feed at the moment.”

Presently in quarantine, Sinbad will be subjected to a thorough medical examination to ensure he is free from any infection. However, that is merely a formality at this time since Sinbad “seems healthy and bright,” Ms. Boyd said.

Sinbad Is Doing Quite Well, Considering The Voyage

Owing to Sinbad’s unusual but rather courageous journey and his determination to stay alive, RSPCA’s office will undoubtedly be flooded with calls for inquiries and adoption as soon as the word gets out, said one of the workers.

Sinbad Is Currently In Quarantine, But Will Soon Be Out

Knowing that care for a stray animal, a foreign one at that, is expensive (about £2,000 for a four-month stay), the RSPCA has started a fundraising appeal to cover the cost of his care.

[Image Credit | James Maggs, Daily Mail]