Germanwings Conspiracy Theories Surface As Second Black Box Is Reportedly Recovered

The Germanwings crash is surrounded by mystery as conspiracy theories saying co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is being used as a scapegoat surface while authorities say they have located the second black box.

A group of supporters of the co-pilot — who is accused of purposely slamming the Airbus a320 into the French Alps last month — claim that Lubitz is framed as part of a corporate cover-up, the Huffington Post reports.

A Facebook page translated by Bing as “Andreas Lubitz A320 We are against the witch hunt” has been established to support the 28-year-old man accused of sending all 150 people on board to their death. The page has almost 5,000 followers at this time, and it claims Lubitz is not really responsible for the Germanwings crash.

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz

“I have the impression that we all are being misled by the authorities and the mainstream part of the nose, which relate to the cause and the truth behind of the Germanwings crash quite strongly.”

Despite the conspiracy theories surrounding the crash of Germanwings flight 9525, investigators who recovered the cockpit voice recorder say that the evidence is unmistakable. Andreas Lubitz convinced the plane’s pilot to take a bathroom break and locked him out of the cockpit.

Germanwings crash families mourn

Then, in a controlled descent that lasted about eight minutes, the co-pilot coldly took the plane down and crashed it at approximately 500 miles per hour. The aircraft disintegrated, leaving no bodies intact, investigators said.

According to Fox News, all 150 souls on board have been positively identified using DNA. The second black box, the flight data recorder, has been recovered, authorities in Germany said Friday. It is unclear what condition the device is in and if any information will be retrievable.

The news comes as Lufthansa is under intense scrutiny after revelations that they knew Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz suffered from depression, contradicting initial statements in which they denied any knowledge of the man’s medical history. The company’s CEO said in an initial press conference immediately after the crash that Lubitz had passed all medical tests “with flying colors.”

As previously reported by the inquisitr, Lubitz apparently hid doctors notes which would have prevented him from flying on the day of the Germanwings crash. German media is also reporting he researched methods to take his own life, according to Fox News.

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