‘X-Wings’ Is The Pixar Star Wars Parody You’ve Been Looking For

Add one more April Fool’s joke to the Star Wars universe with the arrival of the latest in a long line of fan-made videos to be released online. Simply titled X-Wings, the video demonstrated what an animated mashup of the iconic franchise with Pixar’s Cars and Planes might look like, revealing an animated future some fans have long feared.

The trailer for X-wings is the product of Big Bee Studios, according to Bleeding Cool, and it features an animated version of the Star Wars trilogy rendered in the style of Pixar’s hit films. Over the course of the three-minute-long clip, which was directed by Brian K Anderson, anthropomorphic X-wing and TIE fighters re-enact key scenes from the first Star Wars film (with a bit of Empire Strikes Back thrown in as well). An entire fleet of wise-cracking X-wings descends upon an eerily smiling Death Star while R2-D2 voices a fan-favorite warning to the fighter stand-ins for Luke and Leia.

When it was announced in late 2012 that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, and along with it, the Star Wars franchise, there was much debate among fans about how the media conglomerate would handle the beloved universe. Though some fans were certain that Disney’s influence would irrevocably change the world of Star Wars, even the most cynical amongst us likely never envisioned Darth Vader in the form of a Tie Fighter singing You’ve Got A Dad In Me.

You already know how the original trilogy ends, but there’s something undeniably entertaining about seeing it redone ad infinitum. Star Wars fans have bombarded the web with short films designed to reinterpret or expand the franchise almost since the advent of the internet. Last month, an anime-inspired tribute to Lucasarts’ 1990s games, Star Wars: Tie Fighter, debuted online. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the short film required four years of weekends to animate, according to its creator, UK artist Paul Johnson. More recently, a live-action short focused on R2-D2, Artoo In Love, was filmed and released online.

Though the X-Wings trailer is a parody, it nevertheless foreshadows a Star Wars-themed Pixar movie, an eventuality that feels more like a when, not an if’, according to MTV News. While such a movie may be years away (if one ever does make an appearance), fan made Star Wars films like X-Wings aren’t going away anytime soon.

[Image: Big Bee Studios via Twitter]