Painkillers Could Be Used To Ease Pain Of Social Rejection [Study]

Painkillers might be used for physical pain at the moment but a group of researchers believe they could also be used to slow and even stop the pain of social rejection.

The study found that the human brain handles physical pain and the feelings we receive through rejection in similar ways. Researchers determined the connection by examining brains scans from people who suffered from social or physical pain.

Research found that physical pain has an emotional aspect as the brain begins to weight on the gravity of the situation causing the pain. Likewise when the brain experiences emotional pain part of our brains sensory pain center ignites.

The study also found that people who are more susceptible to physical pain also tend to be more easily connected to emotional damage.

The lead researcher says painkillers aren’t the best way to deal with rejection in their current state because numbing emotional pain could prevent a natural learning process which in turn may lead to similar emotional pain in the future.

Regardless of realizing that current painkillers are not up to par with dealing in emotional rejection “the research is sort of validating,” says the lead researcher and it “suggests that there is something real about this experience of pain that we have following rejection and exclusion.”

I’ll take naturally learning from my mistakes or rejction any day over a painkiller. Would you be willing to pop a painkiller to avoid social rejection?