Kelly Ripa Guest Host Mark Consuelos Celebrates Birthday As He Bench-Presses Her: Hot Body Tips, Baby Rumors [Video]

Kelly Ripa invited guest host Mark Consuelos to show off their relationship as one of the most loyal couples in the sometimes-difficult-to-sustain-a-relationship entertainment world. And when Kelly wanted to give Mark a great birthday gift, she knew just what would please her hunky husband the most, reported E! News.

Co-hosting Live! With Kelly and Michael as a temporary stand-in for Michael Strahan, the 44-year-old revealed the joy that he experienced when Kelly gave him his present. He thanked Kelly personally during the show.

“By far, you’re the most thoughtful, the best gift giver all the time. For a husband — even if you weren’t — I’m telling you a husband would say that you are. I would still say that you were, even if you were really bad, I would say you’re the best, but you really are the best.”

So just what was that uber-fabulous gift? Mark recalled the plot that Kelly wove to surprise him.

“A couple of days ago, she said I will give you your present when I get home. I’m like ‘oh!'” he laughed. “So we both meet up around 4:00 and she’s like we got to go.”

At that point, Mark began to speculate on the possibilities that he awaited him.

“And I go ‘It’s outside? [Is it a] hotel?'” he asked his wife.

“And I said I want you to lower your sexual expectations,” Kelly added.

That’s where the suspense got dicey, admitted Kelly. Mark thought the present might be a car.

“So now I’m like ‘Oh, no! He thinks it’s something amazing. He thinks it’s a car. Oh, no!'”

However, her horror quickly turned to happiness when she saw Mark’s excitement over his actual birthday gift.

“We’re walking up 5th Avenue and we’re slowing down and I and I’m thinking oh, god — no. Like a flashmob… This is my worst nightmare,” Consuelos revealed of his anticipation.

“So we make a left into the park. It’s a beautiful location. And if you’ve been walking through Central Park, you’ll see all these park benches and they have little plaque on them. My wife got me a plaque on one of the park benches.”

And the inscription on that plaque was the greatest gift possible in Mark’s view.

“Daddy Cool, est. March 30, 1971,” read the plaque.

“That’s what she calls me. It’s so nice. That’s the best gift I’ve ever received,” declared Mark proudly.

As far as staying in divine-daddy shape, Consuelos flaunted his muscles by bench-pressing Kelly on the show April 2, reported Us Weekly.

His fitness demonstration resulted from a challenge to take on First Lady Michelle Obama’s #GimmeFive dare. No worries, declared Mark, as he performed five reps using Kelly as his weight.

Although all that power involved no pretense, the couple pranked the audience by reading an item claiming that Kelly is pregnant with their fourth child, reported E! News.

Wrong, Ripa quickly clarified.

“Time out. I’m not saying we’re not trying. We’re always trying. We tried just this morning.”

In addition to not bearing a baby bump, Kelly is focused on staying fit and fabulous, as the Inquisitr reported.

To stay ripped, Ripa eats a low-carb diet. She also works out regularly with a personal trainer and takes indoor cycling classes.

“I eat a very clean diet. I have lots of vegetables, I eat protein,” Kelly revealed.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]