Jack Nicholson Secret Underground Tunnels To Playboy Mansion Shared With Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas [Video]

Known for his ability to lift one eyebrow sardonically while grinning evilly, Jack Nicholson may have rehearsed some of his darker roles by strolling through a secret underground tunnel to the Playboy Mansion. That’s the report from those who are revealing that such previously hidden secret Playboy tunnels existed for celebrities such as Jack, Kirk Douglas, Warren Beatty, and James Caan, according to Playboy.

The discovery occurred when a Playboy editor digging through the photo archives asked the general manager for details about an excavation in the late 1970s.

“That’s probably when they built the tunnels in the 70s,” said the Playboy Mansion expert.

In addition to secret underground tunnels for celebrities, the mansion has a permit for zoo-keeping and is unique in receiving the only private residential fireworks license. Within its own treasure trove of blueprints and photos, architectural maps were discovered that showed secret underground tunnels to nearby celebrity homes, including Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, and James Caan.

However, when the Playboy magazine editors asked to view the tunnels, they received no response.

“I heard they were closed up sometime in 1989,” said one staff person.

Hugh Hefner provided no response to requests, nor did representatives for Nicholson, Caan, Douglas, and Beatty.

However, as the Inquisitr reported, Holly Madison recently revealed some secrets of the Playboy Mansion in her tell-all about life with Hugh Hefner, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.

While she doesn’t reveal any secret underground tunnels, Holly does share what it was like to serve as the live-in girlfriend to Hefner. Madison told Us Weekly that it was far from the light-hearted atmosphere that most people envision when they think about Playboy bunnies.

“I’m excited to finally share my story and what I’ve learned from my personal experiences both inside and outside of the Playboy Mansion. I think my stories will surprise people and I’m looking forward to lifting the veil of mystique and clearing up the misconceptions so often associated with my life.”

The book’s publication date is set for June 23.

For those who are curious just how much money can be made by training Playboy bunnies and running men’s magazines, Hugh Hefner’s net worth is now estimated at $43 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

When Playboy stock was at its highest, however, he had a net worth of more than $200 million. Now he doesn’t even own his own home. That Playboy Mansion (with or without tunnels) is actually owned by Playboy, and Hugh pays both rent and expenses for himself and all those girlfriends.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]