Let It Flow: Frozen’s Let It Go Adapted Into A Singalong Anthem For Menstrural Pride: ‘I Never Liked Tampons Anyway’

Walt Disney’s Frozen has caught the collective imagination in a way few films have, and its theme song Let It Go Has been belted out incessantly in every corner of the civilised world.

Even people unfamiliar with the plight of Princess Elsa, Anna, and the existential despair of Olaf the snowman, know at least a handful of words to Frozen‘s monster anthem “Let It Go!”

No less a public figure than the U.K’s Prime Minister David Cameron recently expressed his enthusiasm to Heatworld for Frozen and the soul shaking sincerity of “Let It Go.”

“Have I watched Frozen? I have a four-year-old daughter! I can virtually recite it all, I mean, that’s in the car so I’m not going to sing that now…! I have watched Frozen, I can see it’s brilliantly done, I mean for four-year-old-girls, they love it.”

Let It Go has been described as everything from a celebration of a young woman’s burgeoning independence, to a coming-out-anthem for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

“Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know/ Well now they know!”

Like any product of popularity in the viral age, Let It Go has been subjected to not just an abundance of over-cooked and unnecessary academic analysis, it’s also launched a myriad of YouTube parodies and unleashed a barrage of tribute versions.

However, if you haven’t yet heard the menstrual activism version of Let It Go, you’re in for a treat. Called “Let It Flow,” the YouTube masterpiece is the product of menstrual activist Karin Chandler and features some pretty timeless lyrics.

“It’s funny how my cycle I no longer can ignore, And the fear of leaking and showing doesn’t bother me anymore. Keep the blood in, don’t let them see, use a tampon, they demand of me.”

“Let It Flow” is an engaging song and a captivating watch. You can watch it in full below.

Writing on her blog Red Wisdom, Karin explained how she always loved “Let It Go,” and its overriding theme of a woman rejecting society’s expectations and claiming her womanhood.

“Let It Flow is dedicated to all women and girls who menstruate. I hope it empowers you to honour your flow, give your blood back to the land and nurture other sisters. Please feel free to sing ‘Let it flow’ and make it your own.”

[Image via Disney.]