Toddler Cuddled Dead Pregnant Mom In Car For 24 Hours

A two-year-old boy cuddled up to his dead pregnant mom’s body in the family car for almost 24 hours after she dropped dead at the wheel.

While driving her son Benjamin home from a day out at a petting farm during February, 33-year-old Alina Roberts, who was 22 weeks pregnant at the time, suddenly died.

The pregnant mom was a popular primary school teacher in Long Eaton in England and had only married her husband, Alex, nine months before.

Alex Roberts realized something was wrong when his wife and Benjamin were late returning from home a trip to a local children’s farm. Family members started searching for them and Alex Roberts contacted the police.

However, it almost 24 hours after she should have been home that police finally found the pregnant mom, dead at the wheel of her car, with Benjamin snuggling up to her, in a suburban street in the town.

Alina was buried on Saturday, and Alex her husband told the media that he was supposed to go on the same trip to the Lanes Farm in Breaston, Derbys, but tragically changed his mind at the last minute.

“I was supposed to go with them but at the last moment I said I would stay and do some tidying up. We had a kiss and a cuddle when they left.”

He said that about an hour after they left, he sent the pregnant mom a message asking if they were having fun. She replied at 3.30pm, saying they would be coming home in 10 minutes.

According to the Mirror Online, after waiting a while, Alex tried to phone her, but it then went straight to voicemail. He eventually decided to get in the car and drive the route she would have taken to try and find her, but was unsuccessful.

“It wasn’t until 2pm the next day, February 16, that police found her vehicle in Byron Avenue, Long Eaton.”

Alex said it was devastating to know that Alina won’t experience Benjamin growing up or what would have been a bigger family if she had survived and given birth.

“I will miss living our lives together and sharing those experiences with her.”

According to Alex, who works for Thomson Reuters, the toddler is fine, but was obviously scared and frightened, having been in the car alone with his dead pregnant mom for so long.

Alina taught at the Chetwynd Primary Acadmay in Toton, Notts. and was popular with the staff and children at the school. According to the principal, Lorraine Tonks, “Alina was one of the hardest-working, caring and kindest teachers I’ve worked with.”

“She had an infectious laugh and was loved by staff, children and parents.”

Alex added that family was everything to Alina and that motherhood came naturally to her.

“She had a very special relationship with Benjamin, which I will always remind him of.”

The Metro reports that the pregnant mom’s cause of death is not yet known, but detectives have ruled out any suspicious circumstances or suicide. The coroner is now investigating the cause of Alina’s tragic sudden death.

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[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]