The Best April Fool’s Day Stories This Year

Every April Fool’s Day is surrounded by fake stories that get people guessing and panicking. Many in Britain will remember the story of the two sides of the Channel Tunnel being built at different levels so it could not be joined in the middle. Others will remember the self-repairing glass for smartphones and other wild ideas; some of them being developed into real products.

This year was no different. There was a range of April Fool’s Day stories around the web, with some highly imaginative ideas that could be turned into something real.

The Independent collected a number of news stories from around the British newspapers. One that had many heads turning was the idea of a new law in Arizona. It stated the providers were to tell women that the procedure was reversible. The women were also not allowed to get health insurance that would cover the procedure.

Another story that had many people wondering was that a man had a super power. He claimed that he had gained night vision, after an experiment. The title stated that he was a mad scientist, and who knows what they really get up to inside their labs.

The Daily Mail reported The Sun decided to take a political approach with the April Fool’s Day story this year, since the election campaign is underway for Britain. However, it was a story that many people could see right through. It stated that Ed Milliband, the Labour leader, was going to dye his hair blonde. The aim was to come across as more like Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson, since the hair is seen as such an important part of who he is.

Even Spain got involved, saying that Benidorm was going to stop offering full English breakfasts at hotels and restaurants. Considering how popular the area is for English tourists, the story included the fear that it would see many of the tourists disappear. The local officials wanted tourists to try the more local dishes to get a taste of Spanish culture while away on vacation.

People certainly like to go overboard with some of the stories. Mumsnet announced its own political April Fool’s prank. The owners said that it would set up its own party to run during the 2015 General Election. Mothers would be the main focus for its manifesto, and it would be called MNP. With something like that, it was easy to see that it was just another April Fool’s Day prank, but some of the others were not quite as easy to spot.

[Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]