Nigeria Election 2015: Prostitutes Offer Three Days Of Free Services To Celebrate Muhammadu Buhari’s Victory

Nigerian prostitutes certainly know how to deliver on a campaign promise.

The 2015 Nigerian election saw a groundbreaking victory followed by an even stranger outcome — three days of free prostitute services for Africa’s largest nation.

This week, President Goodluck Jonathan was defeated by his challenger, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress. It was the first time an opposition candidate has ever won in Nigeria.

The win prompted the National Association of Nigeria Prostitutes (NANP) to offer three days of free sex across the country.

In a text message forwarded to the Daily Post, the organization said it was following through on a promise to offer free services if Buhari won:

“Hi Ameh, please kindly extend NANP’s felicitation to Gen. Buhari for winning the presidential election. On behalf of every member of NANP, we heartily congratulate the People’s General for winning the poll.

“As part of our earlier promise, we will be declaring a three-day free sex nationwide. We want all our members to honour this directive. We want to use this privilege to beg the President-elect to look into the welfare of this association. We believe his victory will surely better this harmless struggle.”

It’s unclear just how high a priority guarding the welfare of prostitutes will be for the new president of Nigeria. Buhari said he has big plans to fight corruption in the country and also take on the Boko Haram militants who have staged countless attacks that have left thousands dead.

That will be a tall task. The militant group has ramped up its attacks during elections, targeting polling places and threatening Nigerians not to vote. On Thursday, militants opened fire at Garissa University College, leaving officers and at least one student wounded. Witnesses reported heavy gunfire as police took on the militants.

But outside of the Boko Haram attacks, this week’s election was largely without violence. The last election — in which Jonathan defeated Buhari — ended up leading to widespread demonstrations that left many dead.

“Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria’s future can be better than what it is today,” Buhari said in his statement. “You voted for change, and now change has come.”

The three days of free sex that Nigerian prostitutes are offering is more than just a celebration of Muhammadu Buhari’s victory. The group wants the new president to legalize prostitution and put reforms in place to ensure their healthy and safety.

[Image via 9jaolofoofo]