Rudy Giuliani Slams Obama on Iran: ‘Such a Weakling’

Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of 9/11, has opinions on President Barack Obama’s foreign policy prowess, and he would like to show you them.

Okay, Giuliani wasn’t mayor of 9/11, but he did ride the tragedy’s coattails all the way to the trail to the White House not too long ago. And his notability on that day- running toward the danger rather than away from it, quite valiantly- has allowed the formerly not too well-loved mayor to overstay his welcome on the national stage far, far far longer than should be. Lest we forget, prior to that awful tragic day, Giuliani was largely known among the population of New York’s metro area as a corrupt, scandal-ridden dickwad who outlawed dancing and sparked a protest conga line down Broadway- which should give some indication of where protesting was at in the late 90’s in New York.

Still, despite lack of experience outside the city level in matters of foreign policy, Giuliani feels comfortable complaining about and even mocking and laughing at Obama’s handling of Iran on national television. Appearing on Erin Burnett’s OutFront, Giuliani not only beats the “more war” drum hard, he also godwinizes the debate in the first few seconds. Giuliani calls Iran “irrational” and “crazy,” and says:

“As we ratchet up the pressure on them, they may very well take that step to try to see what kind of pressure they can put on us, and we’re just going to have to be ready for it… I think President Obama has made this much more complicated by being such a weakling with regard to Iran. You know, a month ago he writes a letter to the Ayatollah, asking the Ayatollah to talk to him. It is absurd writing a letter to the Ayatollah. It’s like writing a letter to Hitler. It is nuts.”

The former NYC mayor continues:

“We need a President who can say the words ‘bomb them’ and actually can do it if he has to in order to protect us from Iran becoming a nuclear power and most importantly, they have to believe that our President will do that to them. All of a sudden, that will change. We are the largest military in the entire world, they are a small, tiny little military power compared to us.”

It seems Mr. Giuliani doesn’t follow current events, as the President does not seem necessarily shy about using force when necessary even outside the presence of a BSD- or more to the point, this “weakling” president caught the man who is said to have perpetrated the massive attack on Giuliani’s own New York, shooting him in the face and dumping his corpse in the ocean after a decade of mostly-Republican bumbling.