‘Graceland’ Spoilers: First Season 3 Teaser And Details Released

Graceland will premiere season 3 of the series on USA this summer, and fans are now being teased about what is to come when the series does return. The Official Graceland TV Twitter shared the first teaser video for the upcoming season, and it teases the big changes that are ahead after the bombshell finale.

At the end of Graceland season 2, Mike was in a hospital bed, and he appeared to die in the final moments of the season finale. However, Aaron Tveit, the actor behind Mike Warren, is still mentioned as a part of the cast. However, he has not been seen in any images or mentioned by other members of the cast.

According to a TV Overmind report, the cast returned to work for production of Graceland earlier this month. Some cast members did share photos from the set. Aaron Tveit is not a fan of social media, so there is no way for fans to use that to figure out Mike’s fate.

The Graceland season 3 teaser does not offer any new footage to the fans, and it shows that the team must stick together. If Mike Warren is dead, it would be a huge change for the series.

The cryptic statement shared with the video does give a clue. Some would consider Mike Warren the foundation of the series. It was his assignment at the start of season 1 that started the series off. The series has followed his journey. Without Mike Warren, the group would need to find a new foundation. If Mike Warren has been killed, the move could upset fans of the series.

What is known about Graceland season 3 so far? The images shared by the cast show the title page for the first episode of season 3. The episode is titled “B-Positive.” This could connect to blood type, according to some speculation by TV Overmind. However, without the fate of Warren known, it is hard to determine what the title could mean. The cast and crew of Graceland have kept information for season 3 guarded closely.

“The lack on information regarding such a pivotal part of the cast could either be a preemptive measure, since a large number of fans could declare war on Graceland, had Mike been written off, which is unlikely, yet not impossible. Or radio silence could simply be a ploy to keep the suspense, which, quite honestly, is working.”

USA has seen two popular series end their runs in recent months. White Collar, which was also created by Graceland’s Jeff Eastin, ended after a short season 6. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Covert Affairs was cancelled by USA after the wrap of season 5 on the network. There are no plans to wrap up the story of Annie Walker at this time.

What do you think? Are you ready for Graceland season 3? Do you think Mike Warren is dead?

[Image from Fox 21 Television Studios]